Vinyl fence panels in Santa Monica

Vinyl fences are a good option for fences made of plastic polymer, plastic. These fences are known for their cost effectiveness and ease of installation. Vinyl fence panels come in many varieties, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

How to Install a Vinyl Fence?
The installation of this fence is not complicated, now we will tell you how it happens. Installing a vinyl products is quite possible on your own, usually there are instructions provided in the kit that you can easily assemble and install the fence. They are installed easily, you can say, like a Lego constructor, without nails and screws. How is the installation: it is enough to attach the ready-made panels to the posts, which are pre-installed in the ground. Vinyl has the quality of expanding at high temperatures and contracting at low temperatures, so these fences can crack or break if installed at temperatures that can harm them. If you don’t want to face such problems, we advise you to pay attention to composite fences that are made of quality materials that are weatherproof, won’t crack, won’t break, won’t burn out in the sun and are even easier to install than vinyl fences. By installing a composite fence, you will solve the problem of fencing your property once and for all.

How much does a vinyl fence cost?
This product are more affordable in terms of price than, for example, wooden fences, because they do not need to be additionally treated for pests. The cost of a vinyl fence starts at $600 and goes up to $1,000 or more.

Can I paint vinyl panel?
Let’s say you can paint, but the paint may be of poor quality that will burn out or crack in the sun, but you can always choose a composite fence from us, which is already painted with high-quality paints. At the same time, they will not burst, burn or crack in the sun. With our fences, you won’t have any additional worries.

How to clean vinyl fence panel?
Cleaning a white vinyl does not require much effort, the dirt is enough to wash off with a sponge with water, but unfortunately, with frequent cleaning, the coating of the vinyl fence can lose its appearance, and the paint can peel off.

How Long will a Vinyl Fence Last?
Vinyl have a good lifespan and can stand for at least 2 years, but their appearance can change and lose over time. Unlike vinyl fences, our composite fences do not change their perfect appearance even after 10-15 years, but remain the same as they were when installed.

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