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DIY gate and fence kits are the perfect solutions for homeowners looking for an easy and affordable way to add security and privacy to their homes. DIY fence kits from a leading fencing and gate manufacturer, Globusgates, offer all the necessary premium quality material to build a secure and attractive boundary around your property. They are easy to assemble, with minimal tools and supplies required. With various styles, types and material available, it's easy to find a kit that suits your needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a modern composite gate or a more elaborate aluminum design, DIY fencing, and gate kits offer a great way to enhance the look of your home. With a few hours of work and some creativity, you can install your unique and secure boundary that will last for years.

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Composite gate kit

The initial purpose of wood-polymer composites (WPC) is the fencing of terraces, arbors, and summer cafes. Due to its natural appearance, the material fits organically into landscape design and com ...

Composite fence kit
Composite fence kit

Fences made of wood-like composite material are a great alternative to fences made of wood or tin. Although wood-like composite fences are new to the fencing market, they have already proven to be ...

Aluminum fence kit
Aluminum fence kit

Aluminum slat fencing kits are the optimal design solution to ensure the comfort and safety of a private area. Sectional sets of fences are made in the same style as the gate. The products are reli ...

Full privacy aluminum gate kit
Aluminum gate kit

A reliable easy gate kit made of aluminum provides convenient entry to the site in any weather and season. The use of various types of fillings, as well as the possibility of painting the doors in ...


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When you buy from Globusgates, you will get a full DIY fence kit. Our kits contain everything you need to install the fencing or gate, including posts, panels, hardware, and instructions. In most cases, the only tools required are a drill and a tape measure. They are easy to install, and most DIYers can complete the job in just a few hours.

composite fence kit

The materials used in DIY gate and fence kits can vary, depending on your needs. Common materials are wood-like composite and aluminum. Each material for fencing kits has its own benefits, so it is essential to consider your needs before selecting a material. Order a consultation today and tell us the best material for your DIY fencing ideas.

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What is the easiest fence to install?

A vinyl fence is an excellent choice if you're looking for an easy-to-install fence. It is one of the easiest fences to install since it is lightweight and pre-made panels make installation a breeze. This makes it an awesome DIY garden fence kit. Another excellent option for an easy-to-install fence is the chain link. Chain-link fencing is also lightweight, and because Globusgates modern chain-link fencing comes with pre-made panels, installation is swift and easy. Aluminum fences are also straightforward to install. Aluminum fences are lightweight, and many come with pre-made panels, making the installation simple.

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Is it cheaper to install a fence yourself?

Installing a fence yourself can be a great way to save money on your fencing project. Self-installation can typically result in 20-40% cost savings compared to hiring a professional contractor. However, several important factors must be considered before taking on the project yourself. It's essential to consider the complexity of the design, the type of materials used, and the amount of time and labor involved. Additionally, it's vital to factor in any tools or supplies you may need to buy and any costs associated with renting or borrowing tools when you want to build your own fence.

Ultimately, self-installing can be a great way to save money, but weighing the costs and benefits is vital to ensure the project meets your budget and goals. Hence, it might be rational to engage one of my expert installers for your gate or fencing project. Call us today about the gate or fence kit you need, and our expert installer is on his way. You may also be interested in other services of our company: Pergolas, Railings, Garage Doors, Wall Cladding.


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What's included in the DIY kit?

The DIY kit comes with all the components, including lumber, hinges, locks, fasteners, and instructions, required to build a bespoke wood gate or composite gate. To give your gate a distinctive style, we also provide extra options and accessories.

Are there any tools or equipment I will need to assemble the DIY kit?

Yes, the proper tools and equipment are required to put the DIY kit together. Make sure you have the essential tools, including a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver.

How long does it usually take to assemble the DIY kit?

Depending on the intricacy of the DIY kit, assembly typically takes 1-2 hours. Our DIY kits are made to be simple to use and quick to put together.