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Fence Repair

Fence repairs can be a daunting task. But it must be done efficiently with the correct equipment and materials. You can DIY a brand-new fence with the proper method in a short time. However, choosing a qualified fencing contractor is recommended if you want the best fencing repair. This is due to several factors. Hiring a fencing contractor to install or repair your fence ensures job quality and safety while saving you time and money. Also, your task will be finished with high-quality equipment and supplies without any injuries or damage to your property.


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Globus Gates is one of the best fence repair companies in Los Angeles. We provide skilled and reasonably priced fence installation and repair services. Our skilled installers have experience repairing numerous fences, including wrought iron, chain link, and wood. Give us a call right away, and we'll assist you in fixing up your fence!

How Do You Fix A Broken Wood Fence?

A damaged wooden barrier can be fixed in numerous ways. Doing the following is one of the simplest ways of getting a quick residential fence repair:

1. To establish the degree of the required fences repairs, evaluate the damage to the wooden barrier.

2. If required, replace any damaged boards or posts.

3. Use galvanized nails and screws to anchor the new boards or posts firmly.

4. Use screws and nails to refasten any dangling boards.

5. Use a sealer to shield the wood from moisture and deterioration.

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How Do You Fix A Fence That Has Fallen Down?

The simplest way to fix fallen fencing is to do the following;

1. Assemble the repair supplies, such as fencing posts, rails, screws, and a hammer.

2. Dig fresh post holes and cement the posts for the fallen fence.

3. Rails are used to join the posts and are fastened with screws.

4. Use a level to ensure the fencing is straight and sturdy.

5. To protect the wood of the fallen barrier fence, paint or add a layer of wood preservative.

6. Last but not least, frequently inspect the barrier to ensure it is still sturdy, in excellent shape, and won't collapse.

How Do You Replace A Broken Fence Post?

You have two options for fixing a damaged fence: either do it yourself or hire a qualified fencing contractor. Follow these steps to complete it yourself;

1. Make sure there is adequate space to install a replacement and remove the soil from around the broken post.

2. Cut a new post to the appropriate length and treat it to be weatherproof.

3. After inserting the new post, fill the hole with dirt.

4. A level should be used to ensure the post is vertical and compact the dirt firmly.

5. Use concrete or metal bracing to secure the post.

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Can You Repair A Fence Panel?

Yes, a fence panel can be fixed. Any broken or damaged fencing panel can be swiftly repaired and replaced with the appropriate equipment and supplies. Use long-lasting, durable materials whenever possible, and always abide by the safety precautions when using tools.

While you can DIY a fencing repair, whether it is a broken fence post or a fallen one, it is advised that you consult a reputable fencing company for such repairs. We offer competitive pricing for any fencing repairs anywhere in San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, or San Gabriel County. Whether it is a commercial fence repair or a residential fence repair, we are the best in California. Call us today.