Local manufacturer wholesaler fences and gates company in LA-1

Local manufacturer wholesaler fences and gates company in LA

Trust our specialists and enjoy the security of your territory with our fences and gates.

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Get Summer Sale $500 OFF!

Aluminum pergola its best solution for your backyard!


Our products occupy a leading position in the market

You can order aluminum and steel gates wholesale and retail. Our range is quite diverse to meet any customer requirements. Choose from gates and fences, garage doors, handrails, door bird - intercoms, or railings.

Family owned

To give you an idea of the quality of services we offer and our experience in this business: Our company was established a long time ago, it was founded by our a family that has been doing it for many years, and the experience is passed down from generation to generation. The main goal of our company - to make everything as fast and high quality as possible, while maintaining affordable and inexpensive prices, our products are so affordable that you certainly will not find lower prices for excellent quality.

Wood grain aluminum siding

Like a final touch of the exterior, the wood-grain aluminum siding makes a house or fence complete. You choose one of the available wooden textures, we install aluminum siding, and your home looks cozy and modern while staying protected from the environment and saving the warm atmosphere inside. Aluminum siding is a contemporary solution to protect your home from termites and pests, save walls from rain and heat, and add a stylish look to your exterior. To install aluminum siding, just do not hesitate to contact Globus Gates — the expert exterior wall cladding supplier.

Exterior wall cladding


Wall cladding has mainly decorative purposes, but in addition, it also increases the durability of home and garage walls and fences. As aluminum wall cladding is resistant to fire, corrosion, and damage, you won’t need to renovate the building for years. Also, it protects the walls from termites and pests and perfectly stands any weather conditions.


Globus Gates is both an individual and wholesale wall cladding supplier, so we sell and install aluminum siding and other decorative materials and have special prices for contractors. Send us a request to get your price!


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Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Composite fence

When it comes to fencing and its types, people often underestimate composite fences, but very wrongly. Composite fencing are the same as fake wood fences, they replicate its look and texture comple

Vinyl fence

A fence is such a thing that absolutely everyone needs, and if we are talking about a vinyl fencing, then definitely choose it and do not even think about it. Vinyl is a plastic that has excellent

Iron fence

Iron fences are the most reliable and stable types of fences for your area. Because iron has resilient and durable qualities, so this fence will last you for many years. Company Globus Gates makes


Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Aluminum gate

When it comes to high-quality and durable gates, aluminum gates from Globus Gates immediately come to mind. A gate is the kind of thing you

Wood gate

Gates, gates, gates, this question worries everyone who has bought a house and who needs to secure their territory. Globus Gates is a company that will definitely help you in this matter, because w

Composite gate

We think you know that the gate is an integral part and component of the fence for your site and, of course, quality is very important in this matter. If we talk about what a composite is, it is a


Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Iron stair railing

Iron stair railings can be really high quality and modern, because they are made by the company Globus Gates, and we, believe me, know a lot about quality products. There are many opinions that iro


Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Steel Garage Door

What could be stronger than steel garage doors from Globus Gates for your car's safety? That's right, nothing. We don't just make garage doors, we make them super modern and stylish. On

Aluminum garage door

Aluminum garage doors are the best thing that could be invented, because aluminum is a versatile material that our company called Globus Gates makes the best products. It's safe to say, we are


Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Aluminum pergola

Agree, very often lack of such a place, such as in the backyard of your home or garden, where you can sit on a warm summer evening and relax after a tiring day at work.  Aluminum pergola is id


Aluminum Wall Cladding
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Aluminum siding

Our homes often need siding, and because it's the final stage of construction, you want to finish everything quickly, but you also want to buy a really good quality product. Aluminum siding fro

Advantages of our fence company

We create a trusting relationship with our clients to fulfill the order perfectly. The whole process consists of several stages to get the finished fence on time. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we will be happy to hear your opinion and make adjustments. Each customer is our friend, so we have earned our good reputation.

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Family owned

We have amazing fence options for clients with different budget options.

In-house manufacturing

All work is done by our team in our own workshop so we can afford affordable prices.

Aluminum products

Our quality fence company has the necessary licenses and certificates to provide you with the best products.

Next day install

We value your time, so we do our work as quickly as possible and wait for the installation the next day after placing the order.

Factory direct price

Our own factory with our materials allows us to offer you competitive prices for our services.

Rust free

We guarantee the quality of our fences; you get a durable design that does not rust or lose color.

Shipping option

Explore our shipping variants, so you don't have to worry about it.

Build to order

If you have your own suggestions or projects, please share them with us, and we will help you realize any design.

Wholesale & Retail

Our team offers you any type of privacy fence with gate that you can purchase wholesale and retail.

Implementation of any fence and gate projects from a trusted company

We offer products that meet environmental requirements. Every aluminum fencing gate is installed with the utmost care to ensure the safety of people and animals. We will provide you with transparency and openness to ensure that the initial price will not change.

Explore our catalog to see the projects we have done and the services we offer. Our team is always on the lookout for the latest news in fence installation, so we also offer innovative solutions for every need. We are attentive to each client, offering only the best products according to individual measurements.

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Best fence company – reliability, safety, and aesthetics

Our team has extensive experience, modern materials and tools to fulfill any order. Our fences are impeccable style and the best quality.

Modern composite wall topper fence inspired by cedar wood-like

Modern composite wall topper fence inspired by cedar wood-like

Wood is the most common fencing material, so, naturally, many people choose timber or wood-like fences as it is an eternal classic. While the first ...

Modern aluminum gates for the stylish private house

Modern aluminum gates for the stylish private house

Black aluminum gates are universal and ideally suit any yard or fence. We installed them next to the reddish-gray stone wall and bright greenery th ...

Black aluminum pergola with composite walls

Black aluminum pergola with composite walls

Owning a factory, Globus Gates is free to use different materials and combine various techniques to achieve the best results for our beloved custom ...

Best fence installers in your region

Our team works for your comfort and safety. We will install fences in any area; each project is a challenge for our specialists. You can not postpone this process, we will take care of all the trouble, and you will get the best result.

Order the installation of a fence in our fence contractor, and we will prove our high professionalism. We know how to protect your territory, so we carry out each project with high quality.

We guarantee the quality of our designs because we carefully test every detail. Our individual attitude to each client allows us to know in detail his desires. Browse our catalog, and we will contact you shortly.