GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

3 Reasons to Incorporate a Gate into Your Deck Railing System

Do you own a deck railing system? Or, are you going to install one soon? Have you thought of a complementary aluminum gate that you could add to the system? Though not really necessary, the aluminum gates are well recommended, and more so for applications that involve stairs, ramps, or pathways, as they strongly add to safety in those places. Being a company that provides the best quality in aluminum railing products, the team at Globus Gates knows the great benefit that aluminum gates offer for any deck.

Here are three of the benefits you derive from aluminum deck gates that we could find. 

1. Improve Safety and Security Strong aluminum gate will secure the safety level on your deck or patio by denying access to the stair for your pets or young children. Also, it can be used for preventing accidental falling or slipping in slippery conditions, providing the extra support zone if required. Besides giving protection to those within your deck area, an aluminum gate can double as a barrier to bar certain animals from entering, further increasing protection. Further to this, the aluminum gates are well powder-coated in a way to match the railing system and, hence, provide easy maintenance towards long-lasting durability for years. 

2. Improved Aesthetics.

The aluminum railings with picket styles attached, while it gives an aesthetic feel, leave a space at the top of the stairways or pathway of which some homeowners find to be unsightly. In this instance, an aluminum gate is used to finish off a picket railing system by smoothly connecting two of them to accomplish unity in appearance. The gates open in either direction, upwards of 90 degrees, both serving and ensuring maximum safety is not compromised for function. Further, aluminum gates come in different styles and colors to give you the possibility of picking up just the perfect type that matches your existing system of railings, siding, and other elements outside. 

3. Easy to Install

Aluminum gate kits are supplied complete with latch, catch, hinges, and all hardware required for mounting a gate into an existing aluminum railing system. A minimum amount of tools and no special adapters are needed to easily modify the deck and increase safety.

For more information about aluminum gates or details regarding other products of patio railing, feel free to contact the expert of Globus Gates.

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