GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

8 reasons to choose aluminum wall cladding

There are many exterior wall cladding materials, but there is nothing better than aluminum wall cladding as it is durable, lightweight -

inexpensive, and looks marvelous. These are only a few advantages this material has, and if you are not convinced yet, please check out our top 8 aluminum wall cladding benefits.

1. Aluminum wall cladding is long-lasting

Aluminum is sustainable for different weather conditions and can last several decades. This lightweight material is one of the best anti-corrosion metals and doesn’t rust, so neither moisture nor mold can damage it. That’s why aluminum wall cladding is extremely durable, and so is your house empowered by it.

Also, the aluminum wall facade cladding perfectly resists UV radiation and doesn’t burn out in the sun. No matter how hot and bright the weather is, it won’t damage your fencing.



2. External wall cladding protects your house and saves warmness inside

The aluminum wall cladding could be used to protect your house from the negative influence of rainy weather or bright UV radiation. It helps keep the warmness inside and thus reduces energy costs. During the day, the sun heats the aluminum siding, and at night, it slowly cools down and warms the house in addition to the floor or central heating, so you could save on both!

Also, aluminum wall cladding is additional protection from moisture, mold, and insects. All these factors may damage walls pretty quickly, but with a shield of cladding, you are safe from unscheduled renovation.



3. Wood-grain aluminum wall cladding has a stylish look

Let’s step aside from the practical side of the issue and talk about how aluminum wall cladding looks. Well, it may be anything you wish! Aluminum is a soft metal with a low melting temperature, so it is easy to bend and change it. It has a pretty nice essential texture, but also you may choose its color, pattern, and texture as you wish.

In Globus Gates, we often install wood-grain aluminum wall cladding similar to a wooden one but much more durable, sustainable, and protective. Artificial “wood” shines in the sun, making the building elegant and warm — a perfect combo for a sweet home.



4. The aluminum wall cladding doesn’t require special maintenance

If you have used iron or wood cladding, you should know that it requires repainting and repairing from time to time, and doesn’t last as long as you wish. The aluminum wall cladding only needs a situational cleansing, without additional equipment or detergents. Even keeping it that simple, aluminum won’t burn out in the sun and won’t lose this amazing wooden texture even after a dozen years in a harsh climate.



5. Aluminum is a lightweight material

Comparing aluminum to other exterior wall cladding materials, we could not miss its lightweightness. It is pretty thin, so your house won’t look cumbersome with it. Also, it is a perfect choice for old buildings — so it doesn’t overload the structure.

In addition, the aluminum wall cladding could be used to decorate other structures in your garden. For example, you can use it for an outdoor kitchen area, a barbecue table, or a fence and gate. This way, we can create a complex design of your yard and house, regardless of the materials used as a base.



6. Aluminum wall cladding installation doesn’t take long

Lightweight and flexible, the aluminum wall cladding allows renewing your house in just a day or two! It is easy to install aluminum wall cladding, so you may try to do it yourself or ask for a little help from Globus Gates.

Usually, we finish small projects in a day, respecting the time of our valuable customers. Depending on your order, we will do our best to finish the installation as soon as possible. To check the details, book a call with our managers.



7. Aluminum wall cladding is environmental-friendly

Let’s go to the distant future, a time when you decide to change your aluminum wall cladding. Please do not send it to a landfill, as aluminum is a recyclable material and could be reused for contracting again. About 90% of aluminum wall cladding could be used after recycling, and only 5% of energy is required to recycle it compared to initial casting. Thus, this material saves the environment along with your house.



8. Aluminum wall facade cladding is cost-effective

We won’t say that the aluminum wall cladding is the cheapest option on the market. The more important fact is that this durable, sustainable, and recyclable material is worth every penny. Yes, you may find that wood cladding is less expensive, but you will need to change it in a few years, and you will need to renew it from time to time even during its standard life cycle. As listed above, the aluminum wall cladding doesn’t require any special maintenance, and is long-lasting and protective, so its price is truly profitable.

Globus Gates is a conductor and aluminum wall cladding panel supplier with our factory and workshop. Established production helps us keep reasonable factory prices for all our customers, including both individual and wholesale buyers. If you are looking for modern aluminum wall cladding in California, then we are waiting for you with our profitable prices and numerous discounts. Do not hesitate to request a call to learn more!

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