GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Choosing the perfect size for your wrought iron gate

Wrought iron gates stand as a timeless addition to any property, offering a blend of durability, style, and privacy. However, navigating the process of selecting the right size for your wrought iron gate can be a daunting task.

Trust Globus Gates to deliver expertise and tailored solutions and an informed decision when choosing the ideal size for your wrought iron gate.

Factors to contemplate when choosing the size of your wrought iron gate:

1. Height:

The height of your wrought iron gate is a pivotal consideration. Optimal height ensures maximum security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Standard wrought iron gates typically stand at 6 feet. However, customization options allow you to tailor the height to your specific needs.

– For larger properties, a taller gate enhances security and deters unauthorized access.

– In neighborhoods with gate height regulations or smaller properties, a lower gate might be more suitable.

2. Width:

The width of your wrought iron gate is equally crucial. Choosing the right width ensures easy access while complementing your property’s aesthetics. The average width for wrought iron gates falls between 12 and 16 feet.

– For wide driveways or the need to accommodate larger vehicles, a wider gate is preferable.

– In cases of narrower driveways or the necessity to fit the gate between walls or pillars, a narrower gate is the better choice.

3. Clearance:

The clearance, or the space between the gate and the ground, is vital for smooth gate operation and preventing damage. The recommended clearance for a wrought iron gate ranges between 2 and 4 inches.

– Driveways with inclines may require a higher clearance to ensure smooth opening and closing.

4. Style:

The style of your wrought iron gate contributes significantly to its overall appeal. Selecting the right style adds a unique and stylish touch to your property while ensuring it complements your overall aesthetics.

– Choose from traditional, modern, artistic, or custom-made styles to suit your preferences.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can wrought iron gates be customized?

– Yes, wrought iron gates can be customized based on your specific requirements, allowing you to choose the height, width, style, and color that best suits your needs.

2. Are wrought iron gates durable?

– Certainly, wrought iron gates are highly durable and can endure for many years with proper maintenance. Durability depends on the quality of materials, installation methods, and maintenance practices.

3. How do I maintain my wrought iron gate?

– Regularly clean your wrought iron gate with soap and water, ensuring thorough drying. Apply a protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion. For any damage or wear and tear, consult a professional for repairs.

4. Are wrought iron gates expensive?

– The cost of wrought iron gates varies based on size, style, and customization. While generally pricier than other gate types, the investment is justified by the durability, security, and aesthetic value they provide.

Choosing the perfect size for your wrought iron gate is a crucial decision that demands careful deliberation. By taking into account factors like height, width, clearance, and style, you ensure that your wrought iron gate harmonizes with your property’s aesthetics while providing top-notch security and privacy. Trust Globus Gates to guide you through this process, offering expertise and customized solutions for a gate that perfectly suits your needs.

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