GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Everything you wanted to know about a modern composite fence

Modern composite fence panels have so many advantages that they leave competitors behind.

Perfectly long-lasting, stylish, and elegant, they are one of the best choices in the market, and you should definitely take a look at this material if you are planning to redecorate or install new fencing. Want to know more? Then follow our FAQ below.

What is a modern composite fence made of

Composite fence panels are made of plastic and wood fibers and unite the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they perfectly replicate the rich timber texture, so this fence looks exactly like the wood one. On the other hand, plastic empowers the wood fiber, so the modern composite fence is much more durable and long-lasting.



What do composite fence panels look like

The modern composite wood-like fence consists of wood-like horizontal stripes installed close to each other or with some gaps. The composite privacy fence doesn’t have spaces between stripes, so it covers the yard and house from the outside. Non-privacy fences are less secure but look lightweight and visually extend the space in a small yard. You may choose any color and decoration for this type of fencing. Popular modern composite fence panels either replicate the natural color of the wood or are painted in artificial modern colors — mostly black.

At the first glance, the modern composite fence looks pretty much the same as the natural wood, but the difference will be noticeable in a few years. Timber ages quicker, while composite fences stay like new for decades.



How long does the modern composite fence last

So, is it that durable? Yes, it is! This amazing material perfectly stands the moisture, mold, and insects. It doesn’t rot, and it doesn’t burn out in the sun. Even without any maintenance, modern composite fence panels will last at least 2-3 dozen years, which is much longer than other wood-like alternatives.

In addition, this fence will be a great protector from strong winds and heavy rains, as it is pretty solid. And we may assure you that you won’t need to repair it after harsh weather conditions.



How to install fence panels

The installation of modern composite fence panels reminds an easy constructor game. You just need to connect the panel with the posts. The remaining process is similar to any fence installation: make a plan, dig the posts, then install the gate and fence panels one by one. It may be a bit challenging for a newbie, but it definitely won’t take long if it is made by specialists. At Globus Gates, we install composite fence panels during one working day, so if you call us today, you are that close to your perfect fencing!



How to maintain a composite fence

One more good news: unlike wood, modern composite fence panels don’t require any special maintenance. You may need to clean them with water without detergents occasionally, and that is it. As the composite fence doesn’t burn out in the sun, you won’t need to repaint it regularly. As it is perfectly irresistible to termites, mold, and rot, it doesn’t require additional expensive disinfects.



How much does a composite fence cost

The composite fence cost depends on the model you choose. The composite privacy fence will be a bit pricier, and also, the price will be higher if you choose a higher model. It may change if you use additional decoration or a specific design, so the final cost will be clear after we discuss the details.

Compared to wood, the modern composite fence costs more, but in fact, it is more cost-effective. As its lifetime is several times higher, you won’t need to repair, repaint, or change it, so you will greatly save in perspective.



Are composite fences good for dogs?

The modern composite fence is the best option if you have a big dog protecting your house. Dogs easily chew the wood, but this fence will be safe and good-looking regardless of your dog’s jaws strength, so there is nothing to worry about.

Are modern composite fences eco-friendly?

As fence panels include plastic, often it is made of recycled materials. Also, it could be partially recycled again, once you decide to replace it. Moreover, it is long-lasting, so you won’t need to recycle it for at least three decades. Sounds like the perfect material for those who care about the environment, doesn’t it?

How to choose the best composite fence manufacturer

This is the easiest question — you have already found it! Globus Gates is a family-owned business with immense experience producing and installing various fences, gates, wall cladding, and pergolas. Our composite panels are trusted by numerous clients from California, both private and commercial. Owning a local factory, we use quality materials and are always open to clients’ requests. In addition, we keep affordable prices and offer factory discounts for contractors and wholesale buyers. If you have more questions — then book a call to discuss!


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