GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

How to choose the best modern composite wood-like fence panels?

Composite fences are not common yet, nevertheless, they are worth every penny and stand out compared to many other traditional fencing materials.

Modern composite fence panels consist of wood and plastic fibers, and thus they look more elegant than wooden alternatives and, in addition, are way more sustainable and long-lasting.

The composite fence cost may be higher compared to wooden ones, but thanks to amazing durability and perfect design, it would be a profitable investment. Let’s check the main advantages of composite fence panels that justify their price.



1. Composite wood fence is much more durable

Indeed, the wood fence looks classy, but to keep its chic look, you will need to repair it from time to time and repaint it regularly. Moisture, wind, and bright UV radiation damage the wooden texture, so even with the most careful maintenance, you will need to change it in a few years. The modern composite wood fence will last at least 2-3 dozen years without any special service. As it is empowered with plastic fiber, the composite wood fence perfectly resists mold and rot, doesn’t burn out in the sun, and stands any weather conditions.



2. Composite fence panels protect your house from wind

A composite wood fence is more sustainable than a wooden one, so it is perfectly resistant to wind. It can stand high winds, won’t stagger, and will protect your home from aggressive weather conditions. If you live in windy areas, consider installing a composite fence with posts secured by concrete.



3. The modern composite wood fence could have any design!

Wood looks great, but a composite wood fence may be fancier. The wood texture is perfectly replicated on the panels. The fence style and color are up to you to decide. In addition, you can add metal stripes as a decoration, or spaces between horizontal panels, depending on the level of privacy you need.

For example, you may choose a solid full-privacy composite fence, and then you are totally safe from outside glances. Also, you may add some space at the top of the fence, so you are still protected but have more light in your yard. And finally, there is a classic composite wood fence with larger spaces all over the wall — they look lightweight but are less protective.



4. The installation and maintenance of composite wood fence panels is easy as ABC

The composite fence installation won’t take long and is something like a constructor game. Moreover, this type of fencing doesn’t require any special maintenance, repainting, or repair. Highly irresistible to weather conditions, the composite wood fence is long-lasting without any effort from your side.

If you want to order composite fence installation from professionals, we are happy to offer our services. The Globus Gates team is one of the leading composite fence manufacturers in California and a conductor. Book a call to discuss the details!



5. Composite fence panels are environmental-friendly

Composite wood fence panels include plastic and wood fibers, and the latest one is recyclable. Also, they outperform any wooden analog thanks to their amazing long-lasting, so you will need to replace them less often. If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution, a composite fence is the right one.

6. Composite fence panels are cost-effective

The composite fence cost may appear high, however, it is worth every penny. Due to its immense durability, it will last much longer than many other alternatives and will look great even years after. You do not need to repaint or repair them, they won’t be damaged by mold, rot, or windy weather, and they do not burn out in the sun. That’s why composite fence panels are a profitable investment, especially if you find a good manufacturer with reasonable prices.



And here we are — GlobusGates — one of the local wholesale composite fence panel manufacturers from California with our own factory, professional team, warming service, and all-year discounts for our customers. Looking for the lowest composite fence cost? Request a call to discuss it!

So, how to choose the best composite wood fence from GlobusGates? If you are not ready for a call with our manager, start with our composite fence showcase. Here, you can get a glimpse of our finished projects and try to pick your design. You may change and create a bunch of things, making even bizarre composite fence ideas true!



Don’t see your perfect fencing among the photos? Check other projects in our composite fence portfolio. As you may see, the design may vary, and the yards could be different, but in any case, the GlobusGates team is doing its best to achieve the customer’s goals. If you are not sure, give us a call — we would be happy to make your dreams come true.



In addition to individual clients, GlobusGates is a wholesale composite fence panel manufacturer. We are ready to discuss any freedom in bulk orders and offer additional discounts for conductors and wholesale buyers. To get the exact price list or discuss the details, arrange a call with our manager!

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