GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Selecting your perfect gate

At Globus Gates, we've spent over five decades mastering the art of sourcing, installing, and repairing customized gate systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Here's a simple three-step guide to help you find the perfect gate for your specific needs

1. Choose Your Gate Type:

  • Sliding Gates: Ideal for short driveways or space-constrained areas, sliding gates offer a convenient alternative to swing gates.
  • Cantilever Gates: These gates slide along post-mounted rollers, eliminating contact with the ground and minimizing maintenance.
  • Telescopic Gates: Perfect for limited spaces, telescopic sliding gates consist of multiple panels that stack sideways when opening.
  • Single Swing Gates: Add an elegant touch to your property, especially suited for homes with traditional architectural styles.
  • Double Swing Gates: Suitable for wide openings, these gates offer a classic look and are ideal for large properties.

2. Select Your Material:

  • Steel: Known for its unmatched strength, durability, and low maintenance requirements, steel gates are a top choice for any gate type.
  • Aluminum: Offering a balance of durability and affordability, aluminum gates are lightweight, easy to maintain, and come in various styles.
  • Wrought Iron: With a hand-crafted aesthetic, wrought iron gates are perfect for homes with traditional architecture or a classic look.
  • Glass: Providing a modern flair, glass gates offer visibility and light penetration, but require more upkeep compared to other materials.
  • Wood: Known for its rustic charm and privacy, wood gates require periodic maintenance but offer a warm and inviting appeal.

3. Automate Your Gate:

Once you’ve chosen your gate type and material, it’s essential to consider automation for added convenience and security. Look for gate operators with features such as:

  • A robust keypad for secure access control.
  • An intercom system for communication with visitors.
  • Telephone entry for remote access management.
  • Car remotes for easy operation from your vehicle.
  • Reversing sensors for enhanced safety.
  • An anti-tailgate feature to prevent unauthorized access.


For expert advice on selecting the right gate for your property, consult the knowledgeable team at Globus Gates. Our comprehensive range of automatic gates ensures superior quality and performance for your home or business.


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