GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Should I Choose Composite or Aluminum Fences?

Composite and aluminum are significant variants when choosing fencing or gate materials for a private home.

Choose Composite or Aluminum Fences

Both present certain benefits and depending on your house’s needs, any of them could be an excellent choice. Both gated fences will allow you to get a strong fence. Below, we have gathered some options to pay attention to that will help you determine the best choice for your house.



Aluminum for Fences and Gates

This option offers considerable advantages. The most noteworthy one is that they are corrosion-resistant, making them the best choice for coastal places with salty air. Such gate fencing will stay solid and not rust longer than other types. Aluminum is also light but resilient. This material can also be 100% recycled.



However, aluminum is not as resistant to strong external influences, so there may be better options for high-security requirements. It can easily bend in strong winds. Remember it when you decide how to build a gate fence.

Aluminum fences are great for manual or low-power automatic gates and fencing in Melbourne due to their lightweight. This metal is also less expensive than steel.



Fencing and Gates of Composite Materials


Wood fibers and plastic ingredients are usually used for producing composite fences. Because of this, such panels are much lighter than aluminum, steel, etc. This factor can significantly reduce the load on load-bearing walls, fasteners, and fence hinge gates of the sub-facing system and reduce its total weight.

The main advantages of these fences and gates

Lower operating prices. Installing retractable fence gates can be a one-time investment. Once purchased and installed, clients can save money on annual caring procedures.
Durability and withstanding weather conditions: hot sun, hail, or snow. A composite retractable fence with a gate will not spoil.
No risk of developing fungus, mold, etc. Composite fences are not subject to termites, unlike gates and wood fences.
Easy to clean from dust and dirt. They do not require special cleaners.
But the major weakness of composite wood fence gates is their price. They are more costly than aluminum, steel, stone, and other materials. Also, despite the possibility of an extensive color palette, it is only possible to repaint them like a wooden gate fence. If there are signs of fading or damage, the hedges will have to be replaced. It is impossible to change one fence gate chain link.



The Criteria for Choosing Options

Homeowners face a vast range of products on the market. Deciding which option to choose can take time and effort. There is always a feeling that the other option could have been a  better one. To understand which fence will meet your expectations, it is crucial to understand what criteria are essential to you.

A closed fence or an open one?

A closed gate & fence will look like a wall. It has narrow through slots and perfectly protects the privacy of the territory. But it is only sometimes possible to build it in permitted places. You can adjust the closeness of the fence by selecting a different profile width.

Open fences limit the territory and protect against break-ins but will not preserve privacy. Open ones are made of metal profiles, decorative with ornaments, segmented, and made of mesh.

How to take care of aluminum and composite gates?

If you don’t want to take the time to care for the gates & fencing in Melbourne, choose an aluminum, galvanized metal fence. It is durable and does not need to be updated.

As far as composite fence materials are concerned, they are environmentally friendly because they are used to producing wood plastic composite products that are recyclable.

You can save even more by ordering the manufacture and installation of gates or fencing in Los Angeles, for example, from wholesalers and contractors. For regular customers and wholesale buyers, special offers and prices are offered. Therefore, a private client can get a barrier at a bargain price. Wholesale prices are available also for contractors too.

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