GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

The distinction between a pergola and gazebo

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, we often find ourselves at the mercy of the elements.

Whether it’s seeking refuge from the scorching sun or finding respite from unpredictable weather, creating an outdoor sanctuary in your own backyard offers unparalleled comfort and control. This year, elevate your outdoor living experience with a pergola or gazebo from Globus Gates, where we specialize in providing high-quality pergolas that not only offer stylish shade but also a tranquil retreat right at your doorstep.

Not sure which option suits your needs? Designer Stephania Kallos suggests considering various factors upfront. “Are we looking to create shade or cover for an outdoor space, or are we looking to an outdoor room? Does it have to fit the other architecture or stand alone? Are we aiming just for shade, or do we need protection from elements too?” These initial questions help to focus in and make the perfect selection in enhancing your outdoor space.

How Are Gazebos and Pergolas Similar?

Pergolas and gazebos both make great, flexible additions to backyard living space that provide both shade and privacy. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a need to find solace in nature, the structures cater to the need of either accommodating a few to several guests comfortably. Constructed from top-quality materials ranging from wood to iron, both pergolas and gazebos are designed to last the elements and bestow lasting value upon your home.

What Is a Gazebo?

Gazebo—a brief history from early civilizations to today’s—remains the lauded master of timeless appeal and practical design. Today, such structures provide a charming echo to a more genteel era, an elegant silhouette against the most Victorian of garden settings with their ornate detailing. Gazebos, characterized by a full, continuous roof and sturdy framework, assure full protection from any kind of elements. This makes the structure ideal for year-round enjoyment. The shapes of gazebos vary from intimate four-sided designs to spacious octagonal configurations, all of which allow for a versatile backdrop to any size outdoor gathering and further convenience with the built-in benches.

What Is a Pergola?

Speaking about pergolas, it usually represents a more modernistic style that would ideally mix today’s tendencies with utilitarian looks. Pergolas first appeared in the late medieval period; they came about with sleek lines and minimal profiles, which have made them currently an extremely popular choice in modern houses. Pergolas are fashioned with interlocking rays, and they feature an open lattice roof of incomplete shade, which allows in all means of air-flow. This results in a perfect relaxation spot just right outside your house.

So, a pergola gives you a choice to add retractable fabric canopies or lush foliage, whereby you have countless customization options that allow fashioning your outdoor space according to your style and preference.

Should I Choose a Pergola or a Gazebo?

The decision between the two, basically, boils down to three things: the level of preferred weather protection, location, and budget. While gazebos give complete and all-time coverage, pergolas afford a budget choice for versatile styling potential. Whether you have a love for the timeless gazebo or the modern pergola, there is something for everyone at Globus Gates to glam up your outdoor oasis and turn it into a retreat of relaxation and beauty.

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