GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

The perfect fence height for your property

A beautifully crafted fence around your yard not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides privacy and increases property value. If you've chosen to fence your yard, it's crucial to understand the fence height rules in your area.

The installation or repair of your fence not only impacts your home’s curb appeal but also influences your relationship with neighbors. Thus, adhering to good fence etiquette is paramount for maintaining positive relationships.

Before You Start

The process of installing or repairing your fence can be simplified by considering several factors. Here are some fence etiquette tips to keep in mind for your upcoming fencing project:

  1. Boundary Line: Prior to building your fence, accurately determine the boundary lines between your property and your neighbors’. Relying on assumptions or your neighbors’ beliefs can lead to complications. Accidental construction on your neighbor’s property might make them liable for repairs, even though the fence is technically yours. Investing in a surveyor upfront avoids potential problems later.
  2. Check Local Laws: Laws vary from city to city and state to state, so it’s essential to check local regulations before establishing a visible boundary. Zoning laws may impose restrictions on fence height, especially for corner lots, to ensure motorists’ field of vision isn’t obstructed. Consult your local zoning office for clarity before obtaining permits for your fencing project.
  3. Check with Your HOA: For those residing in neighborhoods with homeowner associations or housing covenants, guidelines may restrict property modifications. These agreements aim to preserve home values in the area, determining design aspects such as fence type and style. Obtain permission from the HOA before legally installing your fence, carefully reviewing your deed for compliance.
  4. Talk to Your Neighbors: Practicing good fence etiquette involves discussing your plans with neighbors before installing or repairing a fence. Open communication not only shows respect but also prevents surprises during construction, minimizing potential headaches. Consider your neighbors’ concerns and input to ensure a smoother process and prevent future friction.

Building a Good Fence

Once you’ve established boundary lines and received necessary approvals, construction can commence. In addition to accurate measurements and hiring a reputable contractor for fence installation, consider the following:

  1. Materials: Choose fencing materials that complement your home’s design and the neighborhood’s overall look. Wood is a popular and durable choice, offering an attractive appearance with proper maintenance. Alternatively, materials like vinyl and chain-link require less upkeep but provide a different level of privacy.
  2. Maintenance: Regardless of the chosen material, proper maintenance is crucial to preserve your fence’s value. Regular care ensures a longer lifespan, contributing to your home’s overall worth.
  3. Fence Height: Align the height of your fence with your privacy and safety needs. Backyard fences typically reach around 6 feet for privacy, while areas with frequent deer sightings may require an 8-foot fence. Front yard fences are usually limited to 4 feet, maintaining visibility for safety.
  4. Finished or Unfinished: Enhance curb appeal by placing the finished or more attractive side of the fence facing the neighborhood. This practice elevates your home’s exterior aesthetics and overall value.



Fence Height Rules and Your Personal Style

Follow local laws and housing development rules when installing a fence, ensuring compliance while meeting aesthetic preferences. Fences contribute to a property’s permanence, security, and well-cared-for appearance. Regardless of the chosen height, your new fence enhances your home’s value and enjoyment.

When planning your fence project, proactive measures can lead to a smoother process. Practice good fence etiquette by familiarizing yourself with laws, communicating with neighbors, and approaching the project with respect and consideration. For a reliable and experienced contractor in Los Angeles, choose Globus Gates. Contact us today for an estimate and seamless fence installation that enhances your property’s value.

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