GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

The Security Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates are an excellent choice for both commercial properties and larger residential properties in and around Los Angeles, where security and convenience are crucial. These gates are a key component of a comprehensive security system, providing robust protection and peace of mind.

What Makes Electric Gates Secure?

While no gate can completely eliminate all threats, electric gates are highly effective when combined with other security measures like cameras, keycards, and keypads. They serve as a formidable barrier against unauthorized access, significantly enhancing the security of your property.

Understanding Electric Gates

An electric gate, often referred to as an automatic gate, operates via an electric motor. These gates are typically found at the main entrances of large properties, both commercial and residential. The automation feature allows for customized control according to the user’s specific needs, enhancing security and convenience.

Strength and Durability

Electric gates are designed to be highly resistant to brute force attacks. The electrical components are securely housed in robust materials, making it extremely difficult to tamper with the system. This ensures the gate remains resilient and tamper-proof, offering long-term durability.

Access Control

Electric gates can be controlled through various methods, including local systems like numeric keypads, biometric scanners, or keycard readers. Additionally, they can be managed remotely from an office using security cameras and intercom systems. Advanced systems even allow for automated opening processes based on Wi-Fi connections or GPS data from your car or phone, providing seamless and futuristic control.

Potential Security Issues

One potential security issue with electric gates is tailgating, where an unauthorized person sneaks in by closely following an authorized vehicle. This risk can be mitigated by installing security cameras and speed bumps near the gate to slow down vehicles, thus preventing unauthorized access.

Reliability and Maintenance

Modern electric gates are designed to be highly reliable, withstanding both mechanical and technical breakdowns. They are built to endure extreme weather conditions, making them a dependable choice for securing residential and commercial properties alike.

Safety Features

Electric gates come equipped with various safety features to prevent accidents. These include strong brakes, obstacle safety sensors, and reflective laser systems that detect and stop the gate if an object is in its path, ensuring safe operation.


Electric gates are a secure, reliable, and convenient option for enhancing the security of your property. At Globus Gates in Los Angeles, we specialize in custom-built gate solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your home or business with our premium electric gates.

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