GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Top 8 benefits of modern aluminum fences

Although wood and iron come to mind first while considering the fence materials, modern aluminum fences have many advantages compared to other alternatives.

And if this material is different from the number one in your list of fencing materials, please check a few facts about aluminum fences below. We are sure you will change your mind.

1. Durability

Almost each fencing material has issues with weather conditions and so doesn’t stand long in a hot and moist climate. However, modern aluminum fences are perfect for California thanks to their fantastic durability. Aluminum isn’t prone to corrosion and rust compared to other metals. It doesn’t rot like a block of wood and is irresistible to insects and mold. Moreover, it is perfect for damp areas, so it can be installed close to pools and won’t lose a single point of its long-lasting. Thus, you may expect your fence to stand for several decades and up to 50 years!



2. Simple installation

As aluminum is lightweight, it is much easier to install a modern horizontal aluminum fence than any other metal analog. So if you are going to install the fence by yourself, pay attention to this material. If you order the fence installation, this factor will help you save on contractor services. Shipping and installing aluminum fence panels will be easier, so the total price will be lower.


3. Wide application area

Many fencing materials will not work if you have a hilly area near your house. Luckily, the horizontal slat fence could be perfectly adjusted to any topography. Aluminum is a flexible metal, and aluminum panels may have a customizable shape. Modern aluminum fences could be installed in any yard without gaps in the bottom — so neither home animals nor strangers will be able to crawl under the fence.

Also, this fencing type is ideal for commercial properties. Just imagine how perfectly a black modern fence will look near an office as it is stylish, strict, and elegant.



4. Increased security

Wooden or chain link fencing is an easy task for intruders. So if you need higher security, the modern aluminum fence will be the best choice. Thanks to the versatility of aluminum panels, you may choose a fully-private solution to protect your yard from the outside and be sure that no one will pass it. Even with a semi-private solution (with wider gaps between horizontal slats), it will still be protected as it is hard to break the aluminum panel.



5. Sustainability

Modern aluminum fences are often made of recycled metals, so if you want to find the most eco-friendly option, here it is. Also, your fence could be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Moreover, aluminum doesn’t require a chemical finish to protect it from corrosion and rust, so its maintenance is friendly to the environment too.



6. Effortless maintenance

By the way, the maintenance itself includes the occasional washing only. You do not need to repaint the modern aluminum fence yearly, as it doesn’t burn out in the sun. You do not need to refinish it to protect it from moisture or insects. Also, if a part of the fence breaks, you do not need to replace the whole panel, so the repairs cost less.



7. Elegant versatility

The modern horizontal aluminum fence may have almost any look you want. Householders often choose fully or semi-private models with horizontal slats and small gaps between them. The spaces between metal panels let the light get in, making the final construction less massive. In addition, horizontal slat fence panels come in any color you want. Our customers often choose a black modern fence as this color is universal and suits any landscape. But you are not limited to the particular style or design, so feel free to discuss your bold ideas with the Globus Gates team.



8. Affordable price

And finally, one of the most valuable benefits of modern aluminum fences is their price. Aluminum costs less than iron and steel, while it is as much long-lasting and simpler to maintain. The price is higher compared to wood fences alternatives. Still, the aluminum fence is five times more durable, so it is a more cost-effective option in the long run.



At GlobusGate, we also keep affordable prices for private and commercial customers. Aluminum fences are our main product, so you may expect the highest quality, versatile design, and readiness to work on any topography. If you want to know more about our special offers and discounts, do not hesitate to request a call!

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