GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Top Fence Trends for 2024: Styles to Enhance Your Home

When planning to fence your backyard in 2024, it's crucial to balance both budget and aesthetics. Understanding the trending fence styles can help you save money by purchasing what's readily available and ensure your fence remains stylish for years to come. For expert installation services, consider Globus Gates, a leading company in the installation of high-quality fences.

Looking for an inexpensive fencing solution? Consider chain-link! While commonly seen around sports fields and commercial properties, chain-link fences are becoming popular for homes in 2024. Typically made from galvanized steel, sometimes coated in vinyl for extra protection, its distinctive diamond shape offers strength and durability.

With people spending more time in their backyards, many have realized their gardens need better security. Whether you need to let the dog run unsupervised, create a safe play area for kids, or keep neighbor’s chickens out of your vegetable patch, a sturdy, cost-effective chain-link fence is a great choice.


Love the vintage look of wrought iron but not the cost? Try aluminum. This inexpensive, durable metal can mimic traditional counterparts while being more budget-friendly. Aluminum fences come in various colors and designs, allowing for ultra-contemporary fence styles when combined with different wood types.

Vinyl fences are even more cost-effective and versatile than aluminum. Though relatively new, they are embraced by homeowners, fencing contractors, and landscape designers for their wide range of styles. Vinyl fences, essentially plastic, are available in many colors, with trendy two-tone designs in neutral shades expected to be popular in 2024. Best of all, vinyl fences last 20 to 30 years on average.


Classic wood fence styles never go out of fashion. From traditional stockade fences to contemporary shadowbox designs, timber fences offer warmth, strength, and eco-friendliness. When choosing a wood fence, consider the type of wood and the fence style. Hardwoods like cedar and oak are long-lasting and naturally beautiful but pricier. For budget-conscious homeowners or DIY enthusiasts, soft pinewood is easy to work with and can be stained or painted in various colors.


Every year, over 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen in America, and millions more die on roads. To protect your pets, consider a pet-proof fence. Modern pet-proof fences are as attractive as they are secure. Most traditional and horizontal fence styles work well for dogs, as they can’t climb. Chain-link fences or heavy-duty lattice panels allow your dog to see outside while staying safe inside.

For cats, things are trickier. If you don’t want to keep your cat indoors all the time, line the top of your fence with sloping wire barriers or build a catio accessible from a window. It may take a few solutions to outsmart your feline friend’s escape attempts.


A fence not only protects your property but also keeps prying eyes at bay. Whether you want privacy for your hot tub area or to create a secret garden, privacy fences should be tall and gap-free for the first two-thirds of the height. Solid cedar beams offer a classy look, while pressure-treated wood or vinyl can save money. Decorative lattice panels on top allow for vines like wisteria or honeysuckle to grow. Embrace sustainable materials like bamboo for a unique touch.


The quintessential white picket fence, a staple of the Colonial Revival movement, adds charm to period properties. Modern versions, with scalloped tops and thin beams, are made from durable aluminum or vinyl. Another vintage look is the post-and-rail style, reminiscent of farms or horse ranches, crafted from wood, vinyl, or metal.


When selecting a fence, consider your budget, lifestyle, and outdoor decor. For privacy, a tall wood fence might be ideal, while vinyl is a great choice for a budget-friendly style. Ready to discuss your 2024 fence installation dreams? Ask for a free estimate at Globus Gates, experts in fence installations, and transform your outdoor space today!

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