GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

What is cheaper: a wood fence or aluminum fence?

Lots of things matter when choosing the best fencing material. Still, one of the most popular questions we hear is about the total price.

Let’s figure out how the aluminum fence cost compares to other fencing types and whether it is worth it.

Wood is considered a common and well-known fence material, but it has many disadvantages. Often people look for more practical solutions and try new materials, for example, aluminum or composite. The aluminum fence has a longer lifespan and versatile design and doesn’t require special maintenance. But what is cheaper: a wood fence or an aluminum fence? While metal panels may cost a bit more than timber alternatives, you won’t need to repaint, repair, or replace them in a few years. In the long run, aluminum fencing appears to be a more profitable and cost-effective solution requiring almost zero maintenance.

One additional factor that makes this fencing type cheaper is the low cost of installation services. It comes as a board with posts, and the only thing the contractor needs to do is to assemble the panels like it is a simple constructing game. Saving on labor costs significantly minimizes total spending.

On the other hand, this lightweight metal has more advantages in addition to its affordable price. As mentioned above, aluminum panels are durable and can last up to a century. Aluminum isn’t prone to corrosion and rust and perfectly stands in humid and hot climates. Even without special coating, which should be renewed yearly, the fence doesn’t burn out in the sun. It will securely protect your yard for a lifetime.

One more benefit is the versatile style this type of fence may have. As a flexible metal, aluminum helps create almost any design customers wish. The type, privacy level, color, and height are adjustable, so anyone can pick the preferable model.

At Globus Gates, we have installed hundreds of composite fences and metal fences we produce, so we are an expert in this field. Let me share the list of frequently asked questions from our customers in addition. Hope the answers will help you to choose.

Do they make aluminum privacy fences?

When people imagine a metal fence, they often think about the lattice. However, it can have any form, including modern high-privacy options. Full-privacy panels consist of horizontal stripes of any color metal with tiny gaps between or without them. This way, we get an obstructed view from the outside while the beams pass inside, making the enclosure look lightweight and elegant. Also, the desired privacy level influences the total height of the fencing and entirely depends on the customer’s wish.



How do I make my aluminum fence private?

The elegant metal fence panels, especially colored in coal black, perfectly suit the bright greenery, making a truly remarkable and unique design. If you do not want to choose a solid panel without gaps, you may find another option to make your metal enclosure private. For example, you can combine it with a hedge.

One more option is to place an aluminum fence as a wall topper. This is a profitable option for those who already have a short wall (preferably made of concrete or stone), but more is needed. Then, an aluminum wall topper will let you hide the yard from the glances from the outside but let some light through the gaps between aluminum stripes.



Is installing an aluminum fence hard?

The aluminum fence is one of the most accessible types to install. As it consists of separate panels, you just need to install the posts and assemble the board, similar to the constructor game. If you are unsure that you can do it, the Globus Gates team will be happy to help you. As a trusted local gate and fence manufacturer and contractor, we have numerous fencing models, use modern equipment only, and are always on time with the deadline. Moreover, as the installation is not complicated, we will do our best to finish the project as soon as possible at an affordable price.



Is an aluminum fence worth it?

Let’s sum up all we discussed above. Aluminum fences are highly durable and perfectly stand in any weather. The wind, moisture, UV radiation, and insects can’t damage it, so you will need occasional washing only to keep its perfect look. The panels are versatile, and there are high-privacy models if you are looking for the most secure solution. And finally, thanks to easy installation and low price, aluminum is one of the most cost-effective fencing materials. So yes, the aluminum fence is totally worth it! If you still have any questions about it or other fencing materials, feel free to request a call with our manager.

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