GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

What is the easiest fence to install yourself?

With all available fencing materials, picking the best option may take time and effort.

Especially if you are looking for the easiest solution to install yourself, want to avoid paying an arm and a leg, and are concerned about security. Thanks to our immense experience in fence installation and production, we have an option with all these features. Meet modern composite fence panels a strong, durable, good-looking, and cost-effective solution ideally suitable for private properties.



The composite fence imitates fake wood and looks stylish and classy. Depending on the level of privacy the customer wants, it could have a different design, color, and height. However, compared to wood, composite fences are incredibly long-lasting and are less demanding to keep their chic look. They do not burn out in the sun, so they do not require regular repainting, and also they are irresistible to insects, moisture, mold, and rot. Moreover, composite fence panels are a perfect choice if you are wondering what is the easiest fence to install yourself.



The wood-like fence includes separate panels which should be connected to the posts. So, the installation is similar to the constructor game. There are only a few things to keep in mind while installing a composite fence yourself:

  • Start from planning — inspect the area around your house and calculate the number of posts and panels required;
  • Mark the line where the fencing will stand. The easiest way is to use a rope or cord;
  • Mount the posts. Keep in mind that the distance between neighbor posts should be the same as the width of the composite fence panel. If you already have posts installed (regardless of the material), you may also use them to minimize the final cost;
  • Install the panels, then hang a gate, and that’s it — your fence is ready!

As you may see, composite fence panels are the easiest solution to DIY. Let me share a few more tips. First, ensure that you choose the qualitative panels, as this factor influences their durability. Second, check different types of composite fence panels to find the best design. As this material stands for over a decade, you should be happy with your choice in a couple of years. And finally, make sure that you want and are capable of installing the fence by yourself. Ordering a professional installation is a good idea if you are looking for the best results. In both cases, the Globus Gates team is happy to help. We produce versatile composite fence panels and provide fencing services to private and commercial customers in California for many years. It would be hard to find a more trusted local manufacturer and contractor!
Thanks to our vast experience in fencing, we know all the answers and always recommend our customers the most cost-effective and suitable fencing materials and solutions. Let me also share a few popular questions we hear from the clients with our expert answers.




What is the strongest privacy fence?

For the most security, the fence should be solid. Considering the strongest fencing materials, we should pay attention to their weather resistance, durability, and required maintenance. Qualitative composite fence panels are irresistible to termites, cannot burn out in the sun, and perfectly stand in southern California’s humid and hot weather. In addition, they do not have a special maintenance routine and will last a few decades with occasional washing only. So if you are looking for the strongest privacy fence, you should definitely pay attention to modern composite fence panels.



What is the most inexpensive fence to install

As mentioned above, a composite fence is the easiest option to install yourself. In addition, this process doesn’t require specific equipment, so it will be the cheapest solution too. If you are going to order the fencing services, then you are in the black again. As labor costs are minimal and the composite fence installation doesn’t take long, here we have a winner in a competition for the most inexpensive fence to install.



What is the cheapest 6ft privacy fence

The prices of composite fence panels start from about $400. The cheapest 6ft privacy fence may cost more, from $500, depending on the level of privacy. Some other fencing materials are more affordable, but in the long run, they are not cost-effective. For example, wooden fencing may cost less. Still, you will need to thoroughly replace it in about a decade and regularly repaint and repair it. Composite fences are amazingly long-lasting and less demanding, so you will save a lot choosing this option compared to the standard wood.




Is aluminum fencing cheaper than PVC

What are the prices of other materials? Let’s check them too. Aluminum fencing is not cheaper than PVC, but it has many advantages. Aluminum is irresistible to moisture, corrosion, and rust, even without special maintenance. PVC, also known as vinyl fences, are expensive and less durable as they are often made of poor-quality materials. Modern composite fence panels have the same approximate price. Still, thanks to their versatile design and exceptional lifespan, we consider them an excellent and cost-effective substitute to both mentioned alternatives.


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