GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.


Our clients, when they contacted us, wanted to see their aluminum fence in a minimalist style. They didn’t want their fence to block the sun. Therefore, they were looking for something in minimalism. And so they began to search for companies that can embody their idea.



Having called many companies that their friends advised them to, they did not hear and did not find what they wanted. And they decided to look for themselves, and so they found us GlobusGates on the Internet and left a request on our website for a free assessment, our manager immediately contacted us and made an appointment for them the next day.



When our manager came to them, he gave them a free estimate work and showed examples of our projects and examples of materials. And then they saw what they wanted. Having ordered our aluminum fence from us, they were now waiting for it, after 2 days they delivered a ready-made fence and installed it in just 1 day. Just imagine, after meeting with our manager and discussing the idea, only 3 days passed before installation.



Now you can see the finished and beautiful minimalistic design of aluminum fence in our performance. You just look how stylish and beautiful it looks. All gates are covered and powder coated and they are free from rust. After all, our aluminum products are manufactured and tested under strict quality control. Of all our advantages, we do not hesitate to keep the best price on the market.

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