GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

The Execution of One of the Best Aluminum Fence and Gates Installations in San Bernardino County

Location of the Project: San Bernardino County

San Bernardino is a county formed from LA down south of California. It was established by San Gabriel in 1819 and was called Rancho San Bernardino. It is one of the oldest counties in the country and remains known as a fantastic residential area. Our recent aluminum fence and gates installation project was in this diverse and vibrant county. We delivered a secure and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution to a client’s property.




Reasons for the Aluminum Fence and Gates Installation Project

Firstly, our client wanted to provide his property with more security without making his property look less welcoming and open. He also pointed out his desire for a low-maintenance fencing solution that’ll survive any weather conditions while retaining quality.




The Client’s Wishes

We went through the initial consultation stage with the client to enable us to provide a tailored aluminum fence to the client. He wanted something elegant and modern to complement his property design.




Stages of the San Bernardino County Project

The installation project was executed in a professional manner following five essential stages.

Site Assessment and Consultation: We underwent an in-depth consultation with our client to get a better understanding of his needs while assessing his property. We gathered data about the property terrain, dimensions, and specific requirements.

Design and Customization: After assessing the property and our customer’s preferences, we created a project design plan to work with.

Material Selection: After creating a design plan, we went for the best quality aluminum materials for corrosion resistance, versatility, and most importantly, durability.




Installation: We prepared the site for installation, which involves groundwork like excavation. Following the design plan, our experts diligently installed the aluminum fence and gates system.

Quality Assurance/Finishing Touches: For a refined and polished project, we always add extra finishing touches to our projects, and our San Bernardino client’s project was no different.  The finishing touches include decorative accents, post caps, and accessories. We also did a comprehensive quality assurance check.

Materials and Technology Used in the Aluminum Fence and Gates Project

For the ultimate success, we went for the highest quality of aluminum materials, while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We combined advanced construction techniques with top-grade aluminum alloys popular for longevity and strength.

Benefits of Aluminum Fence and Gates Installation

One of the reasons aluminum fences and gates are a popular choice for homeowners is that they provide several advantages. They offer low-maintenance costs, unlike traditional fencing materials. They are also durable and will withstand any weather conditions.

Also, aluminum fencing and gates are versatile as they can seamlessly adapt to uneven terrains and slopes. You can also customize them to fit any style as they are flexible in design. That said, they are aesthetically appealing and will complement just about any building architecture.


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