GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Mesmerizing landscape with the aluminum gate in Calabasas

The sun hides behind palm leaves, the flowers are everywhere, and the greenery perfectly frames the aluminum fence with a gate recently installed by the GlobusGates team in Calabasas. Could you imagine a more picturesque landscape? Here it is.



This aluminum fence with a gate looks modern. However, it has other pros — it is durable, perfectly stands in any weather conditions, and is resistant to any type of insects and mold. Aluminum is a sustainable and incredibly lasting material, and UV radiation and moisture don’t ruin it as fast as it harms classic wood.

In addition, this wood grain aluminum gate is equipped with all modern technologies to make your life better. You will be able to open and close it using an app on your mobile device without the necessity to keep a few more keys in your bag.

Meet the glossy smart door lock — Yale — to open your gate using an Android or iOS mobile device without any physical keys. GlobusGates always equips the composite gate with modern and useful accessories to make your life more comfortable. And we are using only the coolest ones. The smart door lock Yale presents will help you protect the garden and house from strangers, and will welcome you back home.



Next, please check the door handle we have here on our aluminum fence gate. It is installed pretty high, so neither kids nor pets can easily leave the garden without your permission.

Enjoy the silence and peace at home — while the full-privacy aluminum gate will hide and isolate you from the outside world.



Hope you enjoyed our journey to a lovely garden with an aluminum fence a gate and a smart door lock from Yale. If you want to implement something like this to protect your house, we are ready to help. If you need to install aluminum fence gates, Globus Gates is waiting for you too. Moreover, we have discounts and special offers for wholesalers, conductors, and you, in addition to our picturesque aluminum fences and gates. Call us for the details!

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