Modern aluminum gates for the stylish private house

Black aluminum gates are universal and ideally suit any yard or fence. We installed them next to the reddish-gray stone wall and bright greenery this time. And it seems we made more than a simple gate — it is a perfect decoration for a lovely landscape.

Thanks to low melting temperature, aluminum is flexible and ideally changes shape. Modern aluminum gates could be as versatile as you wish. Our top-selling model consists of broad black stripes of metal, installed with or without the petite gaps. If you need a full-privacy aluminum gate, the spaces should be minimal, just like we have here. This way, no strangers will be able to spy on the yard, and the construction doesn't look massive.

modern aluminum fences and gates modern horizontal aluminum fence

As you may see, the area for the gate is small, so to install this model, we had to customize it. Luckily, it is not a problem for the GlobusGates team. We have our own aluminum gate factory and are open to custom projects and unusual expectations. Everything to make the customer happy.

aluminum fence and garage door black modern aluminum fence and gate

Let us show you one more noteworthy thing: a lock installed on the top. This way, only an adult could open the gate, so kids and dogs won't leave the yard without permission.

composition of aluminum fence gates and garage doors

In addition to the stylish look, the modern aluminum gate is amazingly long-lasting and perfect for California's hot and sunny weather. Unlike other metals, aluminum is irresistible to rust and corrosion and perfectly stands insects and moisture. Black aluminum gate panels don't burn out in the sun and don't require special maintenance to keep their chic look. You will need to wash them occasionally without detergents, and that's it! Also, you may expect that they will last several decades as a must.

stylish black aluminum gate 

Stylish and durable at the same time, the aluminum gate is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Still, if you want the best prices on aluminum fences or gates, feel free to contact GlobusGates. With our own factory, we keep affordable prices and provide discounts to contractors, commercial and wholesale buyers.