GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Modern and stylish black aluminum gate in the middle of greenery

If you are looking for both elegant design and high quality, aluminum gates are a perfect choice. Lightweight but protective, they are perfectly combined with any fence type and look truly classy, although they don’t cost an arm and a leg. As a brief example — one of Globus Gates’s recent projects — is the black aluminum gate installed in Burbank, California. What a lovely landscape we have here!



As you may see, the client had a stone fence covered in greenery, while GlobusGates task was to install an aluminum gate that fits the exterior and has a modern look and feel. In addition to a fancy design, our team equipped it with handy door furniture.

First, we added a door handle to the top of the black aluminum gate. It is located pretty high, so no children or dogs will open it and leave the yard without your permission.



In addition, we have the smart dock lock — Yale — installed below. This mighty device will protect your home from strangers and let you in after a few taps on your mobile phone. No need to keep the keys with you, and finally, no chance you will lose them! Also, Yale is compatible with smart house technologies from Google, Amazon, and more and works on both iOS and Android devices. Even if you have already closed your aluminum gate and left the property, you may re-check the security status from anywhere.



Why choose aluminum fence gates over other options? As mentioned above, aluminum is perfectly durable as it stands against different weather conditions. This material effectively resists rust and corrosion, so it would last longer than wooden or steel gates. Our client chose a black aluminum gate, but we can suggest other options and decorative paintings to match your most bizarre expectations.



Moreover, we have aluminum gates for sale and special discounts for wholesale buyers and conductors. If you need to install aluminum gates, we are here to help too. Request a call to learn more.

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