GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Black aluminum pergola with composite walls

Owning a factory, GlobusGates is free to use different materials and combine various techniques to achieve the best results for our beloved customers. This time we also created a blend of client-favorite materials — aluminum for the roof and posts and wood-like composite for the walls. Meet our new black aluminum pergola that has found its home between pines and tropical trees and looks fantastic there!



The aluminum pergola is the easiest way to create a shady place in the yard. In California, you won’t get any pleasant experience sitting under the sun in the afternoon, so to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the outside, consider installing a kind of open garden house — just like our recent project made of aluminum, composite fence panels, and a wood-like basement.



This particular model is a free-standing aluminum pergola — so it is installed on the posts. Free-standing pergolas could be placed anywhere in the garden, and this one stands close to the fence for rational use of space. To create a private room, we have added two walls made of composite wood fence panels. The walls, posts, and roof come in elegant black, while the light wooden floor perfectly contrasts here. Even though the fence is not fully-private, we have created a sheltered place, so it would be perfect for a romantic date, cozy family dinner, or Sunday barbeque.



The aluminum pergola is made of wide stripes, placed close to each other. The less space we have, the less sunlight will disturb us. Still, some beams come through and create a game of light and shadows, especially beautiful in the sunset.


The black aluminum pergola is one of the most popular products we sell and install. Tailored to your expectations, free space, and overall style, it creates an additional living space outside your house. Even if you do not have a large yard, you still may find some space for a cozy dining room with a view. No matter if you like this model or want something else, Globus Gates is ready to make your yard twice more useful and elegant. Book a call to discuss the details.



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