GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Outdoor Touch of Elegance: One of the Best Pergolas Installation Projects in Burbank

Location of the Project: Burbank, Los Angeles

Burbank, Los Angeles, is a popularly known city for its lovely active lifestyle and weather. The city isn’t dubbed America’s Finest City since the 70s for nothing. The luxurious housing structures, pleasant climate, and gorgeous landscapes play their own roles in its beauty, offering the perfect setting for one of our client’s pergolas installations.



Reasons for the Pergola Installation Project

The client wanted an outdoor living area that provides a shield from the harsh sun while allowing him and his family to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and fresh air and, at the same time, adding a touch of elegance to his house.

The Client’s Wishes

Our client, Mr. Meyers, was specific about what he wanted. He demanded a versatile and spacious outdoor area that can accommodate different activities like socializing, relaxing, and dining. He also emphasized using top-quality materials for minimal maintenance and longevity.



Stages of the Los Angeles Pergolas Project

From planning and designing to the finishing touches, the project was successfully completed in five seamless stages.

Planning and designing: We started with client consultation – a liaison between our design team and Mr. Meyers. This stage determined the dimensions, features, and overall aesthetic of the pergola.

Obtaining approvals and permits: Securing approvals and permits from the local authorities came next. This stage is key for building regulations compliance.

Site Clearing: Our construction team cleared and prepared the pergola site to ensure a level foundation for the structure.   

Construction: At this stage, our skillful experts constructed the pergola with close attention to each detail to guarantee its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to match our client’s space.

Final touches: This is the final stage for the finishing touches, which involved adding lighting to the pergolas.



The Pergolas Installation: Technology and Materials

Here at Globusgates, we are committed to using top-quality materials with innovative technology to build pergolas that withstand any weather. We used high-quality, durable materials for Mr. Meyers’ pergolas installation, including weather-resistance fabrics, automated louvers, and smart lighting. The pergola was also stained with high-quality painting to add to its durability.

The automated louvers were specifically requested by Mr. Meyers. It enables him to adjust the amount of ventilation and sunlight at any time. Also, the pergola was equipped with lighting features to allow the client to control the brightness remotely and set the ambiance to fit the mood or occasion.

Benefits of the Pergolas Installation

Thanks to the pergola, Mr. Meyers now has a private space where he can rest, entertain visitors, and appreciate the beauty of his surroundings. It provides sunshade and shelter from the weather, allowing him and his family to enjoy their outdoor space all year. The pergola also increases the value of Mr. Meyers’ property by boosting curb appeal and would serve as an attraction to future buyers. Overall, the pergola installation enhances the client’s home by providing a versatile and pleasant outside space for a variety of activities.


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