GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Black aluminum modern composite fence & wall topper in Woodland Hills

A couple of weeks ago, GlobusGates finished one more wall topper fence a classic privacy model in bright turquoise color successfully installed in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. In the shade of greenery, the stylish aluminum composite fence stands, just like a wooden fence with metal details.



This wall topper is fully-metal, filled with aluminum and plastic composition carefully painted to look like a wooden fence. However, the aluminum composite fence doesn’t have the common wooden fence issues — a brief lifetime. It is amazingly durable and could stand for 30 years. In addition, aluminum composite fences are a combination of metal and plastic that are perfectly rigid. It helps stand against any damage and increases the long-lasting.



Our customer wanted a bit more privacy, so he ordered a classic privacy wall topper fence and its installation. The original fence was not high enough, and here is how a proper wall topper can help. Our team has finished installing the wall topper fence in just a working day, and here it is — an inch aside, we have a modern aluminum composite fence with wooden texture and extra privacy. The plants beside also hide the original fence, so it perfectly fits in the landscape.

So, what do we have? The durable and rigid aluminum composite fence is used as a wall topper in addition to a brick fence for the most security. Stylish and bright, it perfectly matches anywhere, especially this lovely landscape, and also, you can always choose one of the available designs to meet your most sophisticated expectations.

Aluminum and plastics are perfect materials for the wall topper fence. It can fit any design thanks to lots of available colors, it can be as protective as you wish, and still does not look like a cell. Also, to install the aluminum composite fence, you will need only a day or a little help from our team. Call now to discuss the details or to get a discount for contractors and wholesale buyers — we are always open for a profitable partnership.

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