GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Black composite fence with a high privacy level

Meet our new project — a fancy composite fence installed in Inglewood,Los Angeles. It features improved protection, an elegant design, and is incredibly long-lasting.

The story behind Inglewood

Inglewood is located southwest of Los Angeles, California. It is a small city with an above-average crime rate, so the residents often install full-privacy fences to protect their properties from possible intruders and curious neighbors. The same happened this time, and our customer asked for a high and strong enclosure with improved durability. He purchased the house recently but was not amused by an old fence as he wanted a more sustainable and qualitative solution. In this case, there is nothing better than a black composite fence.

Composite fence with aluminum decoration

In this model, we unite the best of two words — wood-like composite panels and durable aluminum decorations. The boards are made of plastic and timber fibers and are much more long-lasting than natural wood. Unlike wood, composite products do not rot and are irresistible to termites and insects. They do not fade out in the sun, so there is no need to repaint them frequently.
Aluminum is the only metal not prone to corrosion and rust, which perfectly stands in a humid climate. It doesn’t require any special maintenance either. This black composite fence will last for decades without any effort.

From the discussion to the installation

Once we got this order, our sales manager went to the property to take measurements and discuss the details. As the customer wanted a secured, qualitative, and long-lasting solution, we decided that a black composite fence would be the most suitable option. There was one more requirement, the client wanted something other than a solid wall. That’s why we agreed on installing the semi-privacy deluxe fence with small gaps between the upper boards.
Although the property is vast and we enclosed it from both sides, the task took no longer than a couple of days. Now our client is going to repair a house, so it will match his new luxury fence.

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