Huge wood-like grain aluminum composite fence

Meet one of our most ambitious projects — the long high black aluminum composite fence with stylish wood texture and elegant metal strips. It covers an incredible 2150 square feet of territory and is located in the rocky area of Beverly Hills.

Let’s take a look from the outside — here, you won’t see anything that happens in the garden as this model is a modern full-privacy fence created especially to protect your home from intrusive curiosity.

Large composite fence wall

It’s pretty hard to distinguish this aluminum composite fence from a wooden one. Although, in addition to the spectacular look, it has many other advantages. This full privacy fence will stand any weather conditions. It doesn’t require special maintenance, and you won’t spend more money on the annual painting obligatory for the wood.

composite fence on rocky terrain

Also, aluminum composite fence panels are durable and effectively stand moisture and aggressive UV radiation. Mold, termites, and other insects won’t harm the mix of aluminum and plastic, so you will enjoy your stylish full-privacy fence for many years. This one perfectly fits the rocky area and almost rises above the clouds!

installation of a composite fence in a mountainous area

Globus Gates employees install composite fences for many years, but this project was a bit surprising from the beginning. The house is located in a rocky area, so this fencing should be installed literally on the hills. The job is done, and now the rocks and aluminum composite fence became a lovely couple.

composite fence on a rock bottom view

So, is there anything impossible for the Globus Gates team? We are sure that there is nothing! If you also have specific conditions or unusual expectations, leave your request on the website or give us a call to discuss your future best aluminum composite fence. Besides, we are open to wholesale orders and have special prices for contractors. Call now to learn more!