GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Modern non-privacy composite wood-like fence with thujas for natural protection

Meet one of the most romantic and cute fences we have installed recently — a  modern non-privacy composite fence with a cedar wood structure and stripes of black aluminum. As thujas protect the yard from strangers’ curiosity, our customer didn’t require classic full-privacy models, so we went for the elegant and lightweight solution — the composite wood-like fence with rare horizontal panels decorated by black metal.



Non-privacy composite fences could be easily confused with wood ones. However, they have a list of unique features. Modern composite fences include wood and plastic fibers, so their texture is very similar to the original timber, and in addition, they are more long-lasting and less demanding.



This particular composite wood fence unites the color of golden Cedar with elegant black stripes. Take a closer look, and you will see the amazing texture — just the same as the original qualitative wood would like. The timber looks great, but it requires repainting and careful maintenance to save its pretty short lifetime. Composite wood-like fence panels are durable and do not share typical wood issues. They are irresistible to moisture and mold, invincible to insects, and do not burn out in the sun. It sounds like a profitable investment, doesn’t it?



The modern composite wood-like fence costs more than wood analogs, but thanks to amazing long-lasting and the ability to stay the same without any special maintenance, you will save by purchasing a composite fence compared to any other materials. If you are looking for lower prices, check wholesale composite fence panel manufacturers, and you should definitely start from Globus Gates.



The GlobusGates team produces and installs full-privacy and non-privacy composite wood-like fences during a few generations of our family business. We offer services and products to both retail and wholesale clients and are open to partnerships. Call to learn more!

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