GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Picturesque landscape with the black composite fence

Let me show you a wonderful and idyllic landscape. Follow me to the bright sunny street in Santa Monica with our project — a black modern composite fence, installed recently. We are pretty sure no other fence design would fit this much.



At first sight, it looks like stylish wooden fencing, but it is something better — the modern composite wood-like fence. It perfectly replicates the wooden texture but is much more durable. Composite fence panels effectively resist moisture, UV radiation, insects, and mold. They do not require special maintenance, do not burn out, and will serve you for decades. Also, the installation of composite fence panels doesn’t take long, so this amazing fencing was installed in a day!



Even though we have a saturated dye here, these black composite fence panels perfectly stand against any weather conditions, so you won’t need to repaint them each year. Day by day, they will be the same, and you should agree they look like a million dollars!



This time, our customer has chosen black modern composite fence panels to contrast with bright red flowers and green palms. As you may see, it is a full-privacy composite fence, pretty high to protect you from curious glances from the outside. However, the Globus Gates team is always open to suggestions and would be happy to create any other design you wish. The modern composite wood-like fence may have any color and texture you like, so call us now to discuss all the details!



If you are looking for wholesale composite fence panel manufacturers, you are on the correct website too. Globus Gates produces aluminum and composite fences in addition to gates, wall cladding, and pergolas. We are open to new partners and have personal discounts for conductors. Do not hesitate to book a call!







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