A fence made of a material like redwood looks expensive and superb. Since wood is used in the manufacture of these fences, they are environmentally friendly. If properly care for the mahogany fence, it will last for a long time.

black redwood fences

How to Install a Redwood Fence?

Installing a redwood fence is no different than installing an ordinary wooden fence. That is, you first need to install the posts, which serve as the base on which the fence is actually held. Once you have calculated the dimensions and selected the fence, you can proceed to the installation, except that, in spite of its simplicity, you will still have to make some effort. If you want or need to install a fence in one day, you should pay attention to composite fences that are, by the way, much better than any other fences, whether metal, aluminum, redwood, whatever.

composite fence from redwood aluminum

The cost of Redwood fences?

Mahogany is more expensive than usual, but also looks more solid and expensive. The price of the material can go up to $ 2,000.

Do you want your fence to remain stable without the need for any additional care, varnish or special impregnation? Then choose composite fences that do not crack, do not warp, they are not eaten by termites, and they do not get soaked by rain.

redwood fencing in Los Angeles

Longevity of Redwood Fences?

When it comes to the longevity of wooden fences, manufacturers usually give a warranty of 2-3 years of service. This is not much at all, and you do not want to change the fence every 5-7 years. Then our wood-like aluminum fences can help you, they can easily stay on your property for over ten years.