GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Semi-privacy composite fence for the patio

GlobusGates has a versatile list of customers. On the one hand, we are the wholesale composite fence panels supplier, but in addition, we produce and install composite fences for both small and big individual clients. This project was not that big, but still remarkable — don’t you think this patio protected by the semi-privacy composite fence is lovely? Let’s take a closer look — we are going to Hollywood!



The dark brown wood-grain composite fence perfectly chords the cozy patio and looks great near the bright greenery. It is pretty high and will protect the yard from curious glances, even though it is a semi-privacy composite fence. Unlike the classic privacy models, this one lets some light get into the yard and visually expands the volume. Sounds like a perfect choice for a small patio or courtyard.



The most popular decoration of the composite fences is a mix of metal with wood imitation and the same one our customer has chosen this time. Even if you stand close, you won’t distinguish this semi-privacy composite fence from a wooden one. Also, it is modern, stylish, and amazingly versatile. Our team will be happy to hear your design requests and will do our best from planning to composite fence installation. Call now to discuss the details!



Wood is an elegant material, however, it requires special maintenance and doesn’t resist moisture, mold, and insects. Composite fence with a cool wooden texture will look great for decades, as it is durable and sustainable and doesn’t burn out or lose the painting color for many seasons. Truly a profitable investment!



Do you also need composite fence installation, or are you looking for a wholesale composite fence panel supplier? Both options lead you to Globus Gates. Our team provides and installs aluminum and composite fences and gates and will be happy to decorate your patio, yard, or garden. With impressive working experience, we are the best in California. Do not hesitate to leave a request to get to know more.

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