GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Smart lock on your smartphone

Bought an apartment, a garage or just want to secure home from intruders, looking for a reliable castle? Take a look at the smart lock, its advantages you are about to learn. Your life will become easier and more modern, there will be no need to carry in pocket a lot of metal keys, and in case of their loss to change the entire padlock.
What is a smartlock? It is an electronic lock, it can function with the help of a smart-phone. Forgot to lock your front gate – castle it with smartphone, smartlocks are stylish and beautiful to look at.
Agree, you would like to open the front door like in the movies – with phone, with a password, by fingerprint, now it’s a reality. People, who are not friendly with modern technologies, would prefer an ordinary lock, but how much the smartlocks simplify our life?



Smart locks are equipped with a camera and a password, which is convenient and allows you to control the door directly from your phone. This feature can be used for both your front door at home and your garage door, allowing you to open your garage with phone before you even drive your car into the yard.



If you’ve decided to install a new front gate or put in a new garage door – our company does fence and gate installation – don’t hesitate and just choose a smart lock for house gate. We live in a world where technology is important and super modern, we can not imagine life without it, technology makes it so much easier that it is impossible to believe.
The main functions of smart castle are:
– Notification of burglary attempts
– Control with smartphone
– Automatic opening
– Voice control capability.


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