GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Modern aluminum garage doors for the most stylish property

The garage door occupies a massive part of the home’s facade, especially if it is created for two cars like the one installed by GlobusGates recently. To keep the stylish overall look of your property, it should match the cladding, fence, and gate and — ideally — look chic. Lightweight and durable, modern aluminum garage doors would be a perfect choice as they are durable, elegant, and contemporary. Let’s take a closer look at the design and features of this popular model.



As mentioned above, aluminum garage doors are perfectly durable as they do not rust, are irresistible to corrosion, and stand in any weather. In addition, aluminum is a flexible material with low melting temperatures. It lets us easily change the design as you wish. Our customer wanted aluminum glass garage doors, so here we have a metal basis and frosted glass inserts.



Aluminum glass garage doors boost the advantages of aluminum construction with a stylish and contemporary look. Semi-transparent glass inserts perfectly match the elegant black aluminum strips, so the garage looks like a million dollars with them. Depending on the weather and viewpoint, the glass color changes from light blue to milk, and in any case, these garage doors are truly classy.



There is one more cool advantage of aluminum glass garage doors — they let the natural light in. Thus, you may save on electricity and heating, while the sun will saturate the room with light and warmth during the day. This would be a profitable idea for those who use the garage as a workshop or studio beside the car storage.



In addition to aluminum glass garage doors, Globus Gates installed gates with the same design. They are pretty high to save the yard from curious glances from the outside but still lightweight and transfluent to let more light and sunshine inside.



Looking for a similar mix of glass and metal or the classic full-privacy aluminum garage doors? No matter what you choose, the Globus Gates team will be happy to make your dreams come true. Call our manager to discuss the design and the cost of aluminum garage doors, and we will do our best to deliver and install them as soon as possible.

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