GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Aluminum louver fence for the stylish and lightweight protection

GlobusGates has a versatile range of products, especially if it comes to fencing. Using aluminum, our team creates different constructions for the fanciest individual customers.




This type of fencing is not common but absolutely undeserved. So please meet the elegant brown aluminum louver fence that perfectly matches the greenery of the sunny street.




Louver fence is both lightweight and protective at the same time. It’s quite high to shelter you from curious glances, but at the same time, it lets the light get in and create a magnificent game of shadows at sunset.




Even though the aluminum louver fence is slim and graceful, it perfectly stands for any weather conditions, including rainy nights and hot days. The painting doesn’t burn out in the sun, so no need to repaint louver fence panels frequently, as it is required with many other ones.




Moreover, aluminum has powerful anti-corrosion and anti-rust features; it is durable and sustainable. In addition, this particular louver fence is installed with rock posts to provide additional strength.

And to keep the overall design warm and neat here is a classic flashlight on the post. Looks adorable!
Thanks to aluminum flexibility, aluminum louver fence panels may differ depending on the customer’s ideas. This time we have created a privacy louver fence that will not leave a chance to the curiosity of strangers.




However, you may choose other colors, sizes of stripes, and a tilt angle; use posts from other materials or create a fully-metal construction. As always, the GlobusGates team is attentive to clients and ready to make your dreams come true.

For those who are looking for a wholesale louver fence manufacturer, we also have something to offer. Owning a factory, we produce various types of composite and aluminum fences for any needs and for any customers. Call now to discuss the details and special prices we have for the partners and conductors.

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