GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Aluminum wall cladding for the luxury residential complex

Aluminum wall cladding could be used to decorate and protect the exterior of a house, garage, fence, gate, and even an outdoor barbecue grill. Aluminum is flexible and durable, it perfectly stands moist and UV radiation, and resists corrosion, termites, and mold. Moreover, exterior wall cladding is versatile and can imitate a wooden texture that will stand much longer than natural wood.



Knowing all the advantages of this material, our customer from Los Angeles ordered aluminum wall cladding installation to decorate the whole residential complex. You can check our results in the photos below.



First, we have used aluminum wall cladding for the house, including front and back doors. In addition to its decorative purpose, exterior wall cladding helps keep heat inside and resists the harmful influence of the environment. Also, it protects the walls from insects and mold.



The door here is equipped with a smart door lock — so you can open the house using an app on your Android or iOS device or close it automatically. No way you will lose your keys again!



A slightly different model of smart door lock — Yale — is installed on the fence. It also connects to the mobile app and is compatible with smart house devices. And again, a wood-grain aluminum wall cladding is used for the gate and fence. It is pretty high, protects the yard from strangers, looks fancy, and will last much longer than similar wooden options.



Let’s go inside and check the work-in-progress photos of the yard. Aluminum wall cladding is used here one more time to make an elegant built-in outdoor grill table. The brown wooden texture perfectly matches the shiny white stone tabletop, while green grass completes the picture.

Do you have ideas about how to use aluminum wall cladding for your house? Even if you are not sure yet, just give us a call to discuss the details and expectations. Globus Gates is a wholesale aluminum wall cladding supplier but also works with individual customers. Everything from design projects to wall cladding installation is a part of our job. Do not hesitate to make your dream house real!

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