GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Wall Cladding | Wall Siding

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood that borders the incredible Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, an area that impresses with its stunning views. This is the kind of neighborhood you can enjoy every day, it doesn’t bore you one bit. It was here that our client decided to build his house and install a glass door in it, so he could enjoy the views right from the comfort of his own home. But there was a problem with the glass door, and it broke. He decided to contact us to install a new sturdy, unique, and modern aluminum door, which will perfectly complement the house and be the main entrance to it.



Glass or aluminum

Our customers often make the same mistake after building a home and putting in a glass door that cracks and breaks for a variety of reasons. We advise replacing it with a new product, designed and manufactured specifically to order, considering all the nuances and wishes of the customer! With this modern material, our specialists extended the wall. They made a completely new entrance door, which visually fits perfectly into the house, as in this version it is presented together with additional wall cladding in the same style.



Desire and Vision

The customer wanted a material that would look as solid as a glass door, but would not crack or break, and would be durable and reliable under all circumstances. In addition, it would not have to be rubbed and cleaned endlessly to make the door look good. We considered all the wishes and preferences and created a product that fully satisfied the needs of our client. After installing this door, the customer was completely satisfied.



How to find us

The man found us on Google, yes, it is that easy. He read the positive reviews and left a request on the website. Then our staff contacted him and sent a sales manager, who showed him around, told him everything, suggested the aluminum material Wall Cladding and told him all its advantages. Having agreed on all the details, we set to work.

Materials and technology

Since aluminum is a super material for such goods, we use it in our work. This product is called wall cladding or wall siding. Since the owner of the house gave the wrong measurements, respectively, we had to solve this problem and we did it. And since it was an idea of seamless installation, it was necessary to do everything so perfectly that it was not visible any of the screws and other connecting elements.

The benefit for you

Summary: The aluminum we use is much stronger and better than glass, as it withstands any temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. A door made of this material looks completely like a wooden door, it is made in such a way that it is indistinguishable from wood, but it is also more durable and stable, it does not crack or swell. Even with all the unpleasant nuances that surfaced in the process, we were able to cope with the task at hand and satisfied the client’s requirements.

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