Explore our catalog for excellent ideas for fence gates. Our range includes only high-quality and reliable aluminum gates. You can find types with classic privacy, semi-private, and non-private. We will help realize any ideas because our team is real professionals with a great experience. The group has already completed over a hundred orders, and every client was satisfied. We have our own production, so we offer competitive prices.

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composite fence
Composite fence

When it comes to fencing and its types, people often underestimate composite fences, but very wrongly. Composite fencing are the same as fake wood fences, they replicate its look and texture comple ...

aluminum fencing
Aluminum fence

Aluminum is a material that is perfectly suited to make fences out of it, it has corrosive properties and is very durable. Fences are not always wood or iron, if you want a really high-quality and ...

composite gates
Composite gate

In today`s world, security is paramount. Whether you`re protecting your home, business, or property, it is essential to invest in the most reliable security systems. As they provide a range of bene ...

Wrought Iron
Wrought Iron

A wrought iron fence is a traditional fencing style made from iron. The metal is heated and pounded into form to create this kind of fencing. Because of its durability and enduring beauty, it is on ...

aluminum gate
Aluminum gate

When it comes to high-quality and durable gates, aluminum gates from Globus Gates immediately come to mind. A gate is the kind of thing you can't skimp on, because it protects your property. As ...

aluminum wall cladding
Aluminum siding

In recent decades, aluminum siding homes have become popular among homeowners due to its low maintenance, durability, and relatively low cost. With many benefits, it is no wonder that so many are t ...

aluminum pergola
Aluminum pergola

Agree, very often lack of such a place, such as in the backyard of your home, garden or BBQ area, where you can sit on a warm summer evening and relax after a tiring day at work.  Aluminu ...

wood fence
Wood fence

Wood fences add a touch of beauty and functionality to any landscape. They can provide privacy and security, define boundaries, and create a safe play area for children and pets. These traditional ...

We offer the best fences for your privacy and security

Our team constantly studies the needs of the client and his territory in detail. We work with orders of any complexity so that you get the perfect solution for your commercial or private area.

Our affordable fence company has many outstanding options for every budget. All GLOBUSGATES products are quality, durability, and strength.

In addition to the assortment in the catalog, we also carry out authentic orders. If you have your own ideas, share them, and we will develop a unique project in our workshop.

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Ensure the safety of your property by securely fencing it

Our company is one of the best gate manufacturers in Los Angeles. Check out our gallery to see the quality of our work. We respect our customers and value their time, so we fulfill each order quickly.

Our catalog includes steel and aluminum fences, as well as stylish Aluglass options. We will help with the installation of a smart lock that can be controlled from your smartphone. Our experts also install garage doors, railings, pergolas, louvre fences.


Our manager will be happy to contact you right away. Can't decide? Leave a request and ask our operators for advice!

Modern solid gates for commercial and private areas

  • Our pride is our own production and an experienced team of attentive, responsible, and punctual professionals. We want to protect your territory, so we recommend stylish and durable types of fencing. Now you don't have to think about how to build a gate fence; trust it to the profy.
  • We have earned our reputation because all of our customers are satisfied. Our pergola and railings can be installed in any zone. We are expanding our capabilities to offer our customers even more exclusive products.
  • If you are tired after work and save energy, take out your smartphone and open the gate or fence. We innovate in our products to give the client maximum comfort. Our fence builder regularly researches the latest news in the technology sphere to offer you the most authentic solution.

Each project is our achievement and challenge

Our fence company has earned a good reputation because we know our business and do it well. Our team is very attentive to each project due to creating a trusting relationship with the customer. GLOBUSGATES experts will be happy to advise you on any issue in the field of fencings.