What are railings and what are they for? First of all, a railing is safety. It is a construction that is placed on stairs and balconies to prevent a person from falling outside of a particular area. Railings can be either solid or consist of rods. We will tell you about the types of railings we make, and also about their benefits.

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iron stair railing

Iron stair railing

Iron stair railings can be really high quality and modern, because they are made by the company Globus Gates, and we, believe me, know a lot about quality products. There are many opinions that iro ...

The best railing production company

So, you're probably here because you want to buy a railing, aren't you? Our company, called Globus Gates is ready to help you with this question. We think you guessed that our company is the best on the market, but let us remind you of that once again. We are in the business of making railings, fences, gazebos and gates that are of the highest quality possible.

With us, no more old and ugly stair rails and interior stair railings. We manufacture only the best, highest quality and modern aluminum railings. All you need to do - just leave an request directly on our site and get a consultation from our specialist who will provide you with all the information you need.

Our railings not only perfectly perform their direct function, but also look great and harmonious. We would like to remind you that our railings, like the rest of our products, are weather-proof, and their coating is also made with high-quality paints that do not crack or burn in the sun.

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Advantages of our rails and hand rail             

As you may have already realized, we manufacture handrails only from high quality and very durable aluminum materials. They do not break, crack or warp, and the powder coating of super quality materials does not burn out in the sun or crack. Our railings are just perfect in every way, they will last you for years without losing their original look.

Our specialists can really quickly assemble and install your new stair railings. If you order them now, they will be installed tomorrow. In order to determine the length and height of the railing, you can also consult with our professionals who will be happy to help you. Metal stair railings always look good and very stylish.

Aluminum has excellent strength, durability, and our aluminum materials are also quality. A stair railing that is made of aluminum is able to serve you for decades without losing its properties and original appearance.

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Our manager will be happy to contact you right away. Can't decide? Leave a request and ask our operators for advice!

Modern Stair Railings

Globus Gates manufactures only modern, high-tech hand rails made of aluminum materials. The stair railing can look the most stylish and decorate any staircase. Moreover, you can apply railing planters to make their look more stylish and modern.

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Order a porch railing from us and you surely will not regret, and you will enjoy the new railing, which, incidentally, perfectly cope with their functions and serve as an excellent stair railings. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors. We remind you that you can talk to our consultant and discuss all your questions, you must leave an application on our site.

You can not even imagine how you can really modern decorate the railing in the house, or deck railing or roof rail. With decorative railing plantings, you can really refresh and transform an empty railing. But if you are a fan of minimalism - you do not need to decorate them, because they already have a stylish and harmonious appearance.

Types of hand rails from Globus Gates

Our products boast of their incredible durability and high technology. The main advantage of our railings, fences, gates and pergolas is definitely quality and durability. You can see ideas for stair railings and ideas for terrace railings, and consider the work already done, and choose the most suitable option for yourself. We manufacture stair railings individually to order. Our railings can be:

  • Covered railings
  • Terrace railings
  • Interior stair railings

You can acquaint yourself with each of the types, and choose for yourself the most suitable option. Order on our website, and you will be really surprised by the quality of the work of our company. Our company respects its customers, so we provide and deliver only the best services in this area.