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Composite fence

When it comes to fencing and its types, people often underestimate composite fences, but very wrongly. Composite fencing are the same as fake wood fences, they replicate its look and texture completely perfectly. Globus Gates Company makes fences for your site only from the highest quality composite materials, so they can withstand and stand up to any weather conditions. Leave an order on the site right now, and our consultants will answer all your questions.

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Composite Wood Fence and its Advantages

Composite fences that Globus Gates manufactures are fences that completely replicate the look of wood and look great. Fences made from high-quality composite materials do not crack, do not sap, do not warp, and are very durable. If you buy a horizontal composite fence you will forget about any fence costs for many years. Our products are able to serve more than ten years without losing their attractive appearance. Though our composite fences look like wood, they are not attacked by termites and its coating does not lose its color and does not burn out in the sun. You can make sure of it yourself by leaving your application and ordering the fence from us.

Composite fence on Hollywood with views on Los Angeles

The Composite fencing cost

The cost of the composite fence, as well as all others depends on its size that must be specified when placing an order. In order to find out or calculate the cost of a fence made of fake wood, you just need to leave an order right now and talk to our specialists, who will talk to you and answer all your questions. You can find out the cost of this or that fence right now, but to find out the exact cost of the fence just for you, you need to specify the dimensions. We produce all the goods according to the individual order.

Composite Fence around the pool

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Installation of the Composite Fence panels

How does the installation of a composite fence take place? Well, firstly, it should be noted that this process for our professionals is the easiest and easiest thing to do, because they cope with their work for a couple of hours. Secondly, the installation process is identical to the children's Lego construction set. To begin with the poles are set, which are securely placed in the ground. Then the panels of the composite fence are installed to these poles with special fasteners, and that's it. Your new chic fence already performs its functions, and besides that looks great. Leave a request right now and your fence will be installed tomorrow.


Why should you choose us

Our company employs only true professionals who quickly and accurately perform their work and create the most comfortable conditions for customers when placing an order. We care about our customers, so we execute orders very quickly and with high quality. Our employees take into account all your wishes and details of the order, and stay in touch with you from the moment you place the order to the delivery of the finished project. To see for yourself, check out the Globus Gates website in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, and San Gabriel County.


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