GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Black aluminum pergola for the outdoor kitchen

The aluminum pergola is a shaded rectangular canopy made of durable and lightweight material. It could be a great addition to any garden or backyard and will create some shade and a cozy atmosphere, especially after a hot day in the Los Angeles area. This time we worked on black aluminum pergola installation right here, in the suburb of Los Angeles, California, and would like to share the results.




This black aluminum pergola covers the outdoor kitchen on the terrace with a view. It protects the cooking table from the sun but still lets the beams come inside to enlighten the working space. It looks hot in the evening and will definitely inspire the householders to cook something special.






Thanks to a semi-private design and a form that reminds a house roof, aluminum pergolas extend your house and create new cozy places outside your living space. If you do not have enough space in the kitchen, you may hide under the aluminum pergola and enjoy the cooking process in a garden with a picturesque landscape. This is why our customer ordered an aluminum pergola installation — to cover the outdoor cooking table. And it looks absolutely awesome.



Counting all the advantages, how much does an aluminum pergola cost? It depends on many factors, so to get the total price, please book a call with our specialists to discuss all the details. Yes, you may find that an aluminum pergola will cost you more than a wooden one, but it will last so much longer that it is a genuinely profitable investment. Aluminum pergolas are durable and resistant to insects, mold, sun radiation, weather conditions, and corrosion. You won’t need to refresh or paint it each season. Just enjoy the perfect coverage in your cozy private space.




There is one more fun fact aluminum pergola installation doesn’t take long, so you can reinvent your outdoor kitchen in just a day! You are on the right page if you already know it and are looking for a reliable aluminum pergola supplier. Book a meeting — we have much to offer for the wholesalers. If not, let’s discuss other options!

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