GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Aluminum pergola

Agree, very often lack of such a place, such as in the backyard of your home, garden or BBQ area, where you can sit on a warm summer evening and relax after a tiring day at work.  Aluminum pergola is ideally suited for this, and in our version so even more so. We think it is not necessary to say that aluminum pergolas from GlobusGates are of the highest quality and durable, because we are the best company on the market in Los Angeles and not only. Interested? Then keep reading and leave a request right now and choose a new pergola for yourself. And now we will tell you more about all the advantages of our products and our company as a whole.

The recreation area, the central element of the pergola for the backyard, fits perfectly into the modern landscape design of the local area. The aluminum patio is perfect for decorating a bbq zone, porch, or pool area.

Why should you buy from us?

The quality of aluminum pergolas with awnings

Our company produces and installs only modern aluminum pergolas, so you can not hesitate and immediately order it from us. You can also look at ideas for aluminum pergolas to choose exactly what you would like to see in your yard. Well, our pergolas are excellent, but you should not think that they have exorbitant prices, no, that is not so at all.

And speaking of prices, you can find out about them simply by leaving a request on the website. Our aluminum pergolas with a roof do not break, do not crack and, most importantly, they are very strong and durable and do not require additional and special maintenance. And also, it does not need to be painted, because it is already painted with the best quality dyes that do not crack and do not burn out in the sun.

Installation and assembly of the aluminum pergola

Well, you have already learned about the benefits of our aluminum pergola, but not all, because we have not told you about the main thing – the installation and assembly of the pergola. We supply only the best aluminum pergola kits, which are collected simply in minutes. Even the most inexperienced will cope with it, because the set already has all the necessary parts and tools, which means that if you leave a request today, we will produce and deliver it in the shortest possible time, and our professionals will assemble and install your pergola for literally one day and it’s not a joke!

Our manager will be happy to contact you right away. Can’t decide? Leave a request and ask our operators for advice!

Family owned

We have amazing fence options for clients with different budget options.

In-house manufacturing

All work is done by our team in our own workshop so we can afford affordable prices.

Aluminum products

Our quality fence company has the necessary licenses and certificates to provide you with the best products.

Next day install

We value your time, so we do our work as quickly as possible and wait for the installation the next day after placing the order.

Factory direct price

Our own factory with our materials allows us to offer you competitive prices for our services.

Rust free

We guarantee the quality of our fences; you get a durable design that does not rust or lose color.

Advantages of Globus Gates Company

We are the company that provides the best services on the market. Our specialists care and respect every client, and are happy to accompany our customers from the time they leave an application until the moment they hand over the finished project. Globus Gates works not only in Los Angeles, but also in San Diego, Ventura County, Orange County, San Gabriel and San Bernardino. We promise you won’t regret choosing us, and you’ll be thrilled with our service and facilities. So don’t hesitate and leave a request now to enjoy the chic look of a modern aluminum gazebo as soon as possible.

How much does an aluminum pergola cost?

The cost of aluminum pergolas depends on the size, detailing, fabric, and automation used in the construction. If you need advice, instruction, installation, or calculation of the cost of a particular model, we will be happy to help you!

Aluminum Pergola on backyard
Our Pergolas are ideal for those who appreciate the absolute privacy of their territory. Choose fully enclosed types that are made up of quality panels.
Aluminum fences are popular due to their low maintenance and long lifespan. Aluminum fences can endure up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance. To guarantee that your aluminum fence looks fantastic and lasts for many years, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary.
Take a measurement of your outdoor area. Consider the shape, color, and size of the furniture, plants, and other decorations you may have. Consider the sizes of aluminum pergolas that are offered and choose one that will fit in your area while offering adequate coverage.
No, it’s really simple to install an aluminum fence. You can do the job in a few hours if you have the correct equipment and instructions. Aluminum is also lightweight and manageable, making it a fantastic material for do-it-yourselfers.

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