GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Driveway gates

More than an entrance to your home, a driveway gate is one of your pivot points in your property’s curb appeal and security. From Globus Gates comes the expertise in crafting elegant, functional driveway gates in Los Angeles that bring stylish solutions melding with your space constraints and aesthetic preferences.

Apart from offering this great all-inclusive service, we can carry out everything from brick piers and groundworks to laying the paving and fitting the lighting, ensuring that your new gate complements your landscape. At Globus Gates, we take your vision and turn it into reality, making your entryway one that will bring further charm and value to your home.

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The best company that makes the best driveway gates

Be it on a very busy street of Los Angeles or in a very silent suburb, it shall be installed effectively, safely, and of the best quality by Globus Gates. We cater to those who may be after a DIY approach, with ready-to-ship aluminum driveway gates ensuring quick dispatch with no waiting for production. Our lifetime structural warranty and quality guarantee ensure that you have durability in unique designs that deliver the gate you need now.

Quality driveway gate

Our “Ready to Ship” collection includes gates that are structurally robust and perfect for various settings. Most of the time, these gates are left over from a previous order and sold “as-is” to the customer looking to take advantage of getting a top-quality gate in the quickest time possible. Some may feature minor differences compared to our standard models. Some may be structurally sound but considered structurally unsafe; some may have minor blemishes. Detailed descriptions and specifications of each gate are provided to ensure transparency and satisfaction.


Whatever your specific needs are, if it is a custom-crafted aluminum gate or a do-it-yourself style, Globus Gates is your premier partner for all needs pertaining to driveway gates in Los Angeles. We guarantee that your driveway gate will add elegance, security, and value to your property according to your desire—this with the utmost commitment to quality and vast knowledge. Contact Globus Gates today to explore our range of driveway gates and find the perfect gateway to your home.

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