GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Types and Features of Gates & Fences

Any territory needs protection, so choosing suitable fences and gates is important.

The modern market offers many types, styles, materials, and designs for commercial or private areas. There are swing kinds, folding and retractable. Choose a design and order a prompt installation according to your measurements. Protect your territory with a reliable, high-quality fence that will last a long time.

Fences and Gates Types – Our Opportunities

Protecting your business or home starts with installing fences and gates. Making a choice is not so easy, so we offer a description of all their types. Explore the features of each variant to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Aluminum Fence & Gate 3 inch

Our aluminum fences are very strong, durable, and beautiful. We use reliable material to carry out fence and gate mounting. You are tired after work, and you are too lazy to get the key – we offer to open the lock from your smartphone. In just a few days, the installation will be ready, and you will get the protection of your territory and maximum privacy.



Composite Fence

We offer modern composite fences made of polymer elements and high-quality aluminum. Our fencing gates and other products are the best in the Los Angeles market. GLOBUSGATES specialists are proud of their work because our composite fences do not rust or deform. We help create a special atmosphere of coziness and safety so that you feel comfortable in your territory.



Garage Doors and Gates

If you are looking for high-quality fence gate doors for your garage, you can make the right decision. We offer aluminum garage door and gates with a special powder coating. We also have composite types that can have glass inserts or wood imitations. It is convenient and practical because wood can rot and crack. Our designs are reliable and durable, and our projects are perfect.



Aluminum Fence 5’5 inch

We have amazing projects with a personal touch. We can install louvre panels, fencing, and vertical louvre fence for any square of the territory. Our pergolas, gates and fences are powder coated to make them strong and durable. Any design ideas will be implemented promptly. Our team also does exclusive projects that will meet all your requirements.



Aluminum Pergola

Our pergola, gates and fences are made from high-quality aluminum materials, so you can be sure of their strength and durability. A team of experienced professionals will implement any of your ideas for safety, practicality, and comfort. All materials have a high standard and a long service life without deformation, chips, and damage.




We want to make the fence durable and strong, but also beautiful and stylish. Our projects also include metal gate fencing with a glass insert. The structure will be aluminum, and the inner frame will be covered with high-strength glass. You can be sure that such a fence will last long, even without small scratches and cracks. We offer various styles and colors.

Iron Fence & Metal Fence

Our gates and fencing are made from high-quality steel to provide maximum protection for private and commercial areas. Our steel is ideal because it is strong and durable. We carry out any project on sliding and retractable gates that meets any of your requirements.

Doorbird – Intercom

Our possibilities are not limited; we can do everything! Now you can order authentic gates products that have a smart system. If you are tired or cannot find the keys, then take your smartphone and open the gate lock. It’s very cool and fast. You do not need to look for the keys in the bag, nervous and annoyed. A couple of clicks on the screen, and the gate opens to welcome you home.


Louvre Fences

If you want modernity and elegance, then we have louvered fences. These thin plates are located at an angle of up to 18 degrees. It is semi-privacy, has good air permeability, and is an almost closed outdoor space. If you don’t want an open fence or grate, this option is ultra-modern and convenient. Install gates and fences of this type; they are easy to operate and do not require special care. Your property immediately appreciates this contemporary and unique fence gate idea.


All metal fences and gates are of perfect quality, but we will also help with the installation of railings. The safety of our customers is very important to us, but we also care about the aesthetics of our products. After discussing the details, we will choose the ideal railing type that suits your interior or exterior.

Even if you don’t know how to build a gate in a fence or don’t have any installation skills, you’re in luck with the choice of real professionals. Explore the features of each type to match it to your requirements. A large selection of designs and styles allows you to quickly make a decision and get results in just a couple of days.

Efficiency, Quality, and Availability

Our fencing products are made from the finest materials that do not rot or rust. Each fence with a gate is careful work on an individual project that will meet all your needs and wishes. We carry out all work on measurements, preparation, and delivery of materials, tools, and installation. Get the final result and protect your home, office, or other areas securely.

You don’t have to consider it an exhausting, costly, and time-consuming process. Now you have a reliable service provider with big experience, a qualified team, and many impeccably executed projects. The size of the territory and the complexity of the work do not matter; GLOBUS GATES specialists will cope with any gate fence ideas.
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