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Aluminum fence kit

Aluminum slat fencing kits are the optimal design solution to ensure the comfort and safety of a private area. Sectional sets of fences are made in the same style as the gate. The products are reliable and easy to install and give the exterior of the house a complete look.

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Why should you buy from us?

Why do people choose aluminum fence kit

  • Quick and easygoing installation. The prefabricated design of the easy fence kit simplifies the installation process. The absence of welded seams is a guarantee of corrosion resistance of the fence and its aesthetic appearance. Fencing sections can be made in the same style as the gates, creating a harmonious exterior.
  • Repair in a few hours. The prefabricated structure allows you to repair the palisade right on the site, without disassembling it completely - you can only replace the damaged element.

diy aluminum fence

  • Choice in favor of the environment. Aluminum is 100% recyclable without losing its unique properties. Metal can be recycled endlessly: about 75% of the aluminum produced over the entire existence of the industry is still used.
  • No unexpected expenses! Aluminum palisades do not require additional expensive maintenance and retain an attractive appearance throughout their entire service life. You pay once, further maintenance costs are minimal.

horizontal aluminum diy fence


Benefits of our aluminum system

We provide palisades and barriers manufactured in accordance with international standards. Aluminum slat gate kits from Globus Gates Company attract with such features:

  1. high strength and wind resistance - all types of palisades correspond to these parameters;
  2. powder paint coating - both the aluminum profile and the sandwich panel are glossy, have a rich color, pleasant shine and good dye fixation without cracking or peeling;
  3. lightweight of a build-a-fence kit reduces the load on the bearing posts and increases the durability of the barrier.
  4. corrosion protection PUR-PA - this will protect the fencing systems from the negative effects of external factors;
  5. high-quality materials - the intake section is made from primary aluminum alloys or from reinforced sandwich panels with a thickness of 45 mm;
  6. choice of sizes - you can order low and high palisades with vertical or horizontal panel orientation;
  7. simple installation - the finished section of the system is easily and quickly mounted on the site;
  8. compatible design - it is easy to choose a harmonious fencing facade with sliding gates, sectional or swing structures.

aluminum fence kit

Can I customize the height and width of the fence using the aluminum fence kit?

With an aluminum fence kit, you can change the height and width of the fence. The kit includes changeable panel and post sizes as well as other parts to build a fence of any size.

Is it possible to use the aluminum fence kit to create curved or angled fences?

Yes, curved or angled fences can be made using aluminum fence kits. To make installing your fence in any configuration simpler, specialty fence parts are available.

Can the aluminum fence kit be used to install a fence on uneven ground?

Yes, you can install a fence on uneven ground with the aluminum fence kit. Regardless of the terrain, it is made to be adaptable and simple to install.