GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Aluminum gate kit

A reliable easy gate kit made of aluminum provides convenient entry to the site in any weather and season. The use of various types of fillings, as well as the possibility of painting the doors in one of more than 200 RAL colors, makes them a harmonious addition to the exterior.

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Advantages of aluminum backyard gate kit

Aluminum gate frame kit has a number of significant benefits:

  • Cutting accuracy. Profile processing is carried out only in factory conditions on modern, high-tech equipment. Holes are marked by a computer. Thanks to this, during assembly, all faces and holes coincide exactly. Accordingly, during installation, all components fit perfectly to each other, there are no gaps or backlashes anywhere. It is easy to install such structures, and it is pleasant to use them. Yard gate kit is easy to use, no effort is required to open and close it. It works almost silently.
  • Hacking protection. The gate kit for metal posts has a hidden fastener. All structural elements are connected with self-tapping screws and then closed with special plugs. The entire design is designed in such a way as to prevent unauthorized opening of the outdoor gate kit.
  • Versatility. You can choose to fill the gates or intake sections. Privacy fence gate kit can be made using roller shutter profile, sandwich panels, metal profile, wooden boards or profiled sheet. You can choose a color that perfectly complements the exterior of the house. The sizes can be any. If necessary, you can order a standard gate square kit or a large gate kit according to individual parameters within the technical capabilities of the design.
  • Durability. The metal from which picket fence and gate kitsare produced is made from primary aluminum alloy. It serves for many years without requiring corrosion protection. It is not deformed during operation, it perfectly withstands the load. The power frame, which carries the main weight, is rated for 25,000+ cycles, which equates to approximately 15 years of service life. Powder coating with a special protective polymer layer, which is applied to aluminum or metal elements, holds perfectly and does not require renewal. The paint coating does not burn out in the sun, does not rub off, it is resistant to physical and chemical influences.


Why GlobusGates products are the best fence gate kit?

Yes, there are superb detailed instructions included with the aluminum gate kit for quick installation. With the aid of the instructions, installation is easy and effective.
Yes, you may use an automatic gate opener with the aluminum gate set. It’s a terrific solution to easily and conveniently secure your house and property.
Yes, you can install a fence on uneven ground with the aluminum fence kit. Regardless of the terrain, it is made to be adaptable and simple to install.

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