GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Composite gate kit

The initial purpose of wood-polymer composites (WPC) is the fencing of terraces, arbors, and summer cafes. Due to its natural appearance, the material fits organically into landscape design and completes architectural structures. Composite fences and gates are a great alternative to expensive fences.

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Advantages of composite gate kit

An ultra-modern finishing material is produced by mixing several components. Its structure is 60% wood pulp and 40% plastic and polymer binders. After mixing the dry ingredients and adding thermoplastic polymers, the mass is extruded. The finished product is covered with a polymeric protective film.

Boards made of composite material have excellent performance properties:

  • gates are not susceptible to mold infestation;
  • composite do not start bark beetles;
  • material is moisture resistant, does not absorb water, does not swell or delaminate;
  • WPC does not fade, and dyes resistant to sunlight are used in the production;
  • composite lumber does not support combustion, it is fire-resistant;
  • ideally smooth surface completely eliminates the possibility of splinters.
  • composite does not need to be treated with paints and varnishes every year, which cannot be said about natural boards;
  • material can be sawn and screwed into it with bolts.


Composite gates are not only functional but also a stylish modern solution. The aesthetic appearance of the material allows you to harmoniously fit barriers, outdoor doors, and gates into the design project of a suburban area.

Installation features

There are several options for installing gate’s panels:

WPC gates are a worthy compromise solution to expensive materials.

So that the fence retains its color, and does not lose its attractiveness, you should not buy cheap composite lumber. The less wood pulp and more polymers in the composition, the faster the material will lose its operational properties: it will quickly burn out and become brittle.

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It is possible to paint composite gates. However, you must ensure you use high quality paints for composite gates. The best paints for this purpose are made specifically for this reason. Contact experts such as Globusgates for the best paint or composite replacement.
The use of composite gate kits is appropriate for both domestic and commercial applications. They offer many different types of property long-term security and dependability since they are resistant to weathering, corrosion, and degradation.
Yes, you can install a fence on uneven ground with the aluminum fence kit. Regardless of the terrain, it is made to be adaptable and simple to install.

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