GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.
GlobusGate is California licensed contractor.

Fence kit

Fence kits, manufactured from groundbreaking wood composite materials, redefine traditional fencing solutions with a better, robust, and aesthetic alternative to classic wood or metal fences. This is one of the factors attributed to these kits having gained fast acceptance in the market since they are strong and adaptable to be used in many environmental conditions.


Why should you buy from us?

Better than natural materials, the material composition of a DIY fence kit contains a wood-plastic composite (WPC). This advanced composition includes polymers; hence, an improved strength and durability of the fence is expected in comparison to the traditional wood fences to be able to effectively withstand external elements. Made of artificial and natural constituents, this product is both strong and elegant, giving beauty like that of real wood while keeping the needs for maintenance very low.

That is truly innovative engineering, considering the fact that these slats were designed in the fence kit that had a specificity to withstand even colder climates. It brings together an optimized strength outcome got from both wood and plastic, thereby combining durability, natural elegance of wood, convenience, and easy upkeep. Generally consisting of 60% wood particles, 30% thermoplastic polymers, and 10% other improving additives, such a composition gives the fence solution very good tensile strength and visual appeal.


Advantages of Wood-Composite DIY Fence Kits:

No Maintenance: Among the many features and benefits that these fence kits present, perhaps the one most useful to homeowners could be that they do not require much maintenance. The color is even built right into the mix of materials, so painting or staining is not needed. Increased durability: It will last much over physical and chemical wear and tear than common fence solutions. Natural Aesthetics: WPC products maintain their aesthetic appearance without requiring any additional treatment, which very closely resembles that of natural wood. Extended Lifespan: With a potential lifespan of up to 25 years, these fence kits are an investment in enduring quality.

Easy Washing: Contrary to this, the washing of the fence is very easy and only a simple wash with water and such-like washings are enough to maintain the neatness of the fence. 

Composite barriers are becoming more and more popular and attractive. The demand is associated with the high operational capabilities of the product:

Composite Fence! DIY! How to choose fence? How to install fence?

Composite fence 3D

For composite fence panels, a variety of colors are available. Black, grey, white, brown, and green are some of the available options. With Globusgates, you can customize the fence to match your style and color!
Yes, curved fence designs are compatible with the composite fence kit. The kit includes all the components and instructions needed to assemble the fence in the chosen shape.
Yes, you can install a fence on uneven ground with the aluminum fence kit. Regardless of the terrain, it is made to be adaptable and simple to install.

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