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Wood fence

When it comes to fences, a wood fence immediately comes to mind. Although wood is a fairly simple material for a fence, it can be so cool and high quality and be the  for your site. Our company Globus Gates offers consumers only the perfect fence highest quality wood fences that can last for decades and reliably protect your property from prying eyes. To order a wooden fence from us, leave an application on the site right now and get a consultation from a specialist of the company.

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The Quality of Wooden Fences

We guarantee the quality of all the products we make, because Globus Gates Company makes all products only from high quality materials. Our wooden fences are not susceptible to soaking, warping, termite attack and cracking because they are coated with the highest quality possible. Globus Gates wood fences are the most durable and reliable, they can stand on your property for more than 10 years without losing or changing their look and quality. They do not require additional care and do not require additional coloring, because they have already painted the best quality paints, and to choose a wooden fence, you can see examples of work already done.

wooden fence

The cost of wooden fences

To find out the cost of a wooden fence just for you, because our company manufactures fences to order, you can talk to a consultant or leave a request to have our consultant call you back. Wooden privacy does not have to be expensive, a beautiful and stylish fence can be purchased at adequate prices. To calculate the cost of your wood fence, you need to know the dimensions of the fence you need, and our experts will answer any question you may have.

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Our manager will be happy to contact you right away. Can't decide? Leave a request and ask our operators for advice!

Installation of wooden fences

Installation of our wooden fences is not complicated and does not take much time, and the process is even more pleasant and easy, it takes no more than one day, and our team of professionals cope with their work quickly and efficiently. To find out how the installation of wooden fence panels, you can leave an application on the website of the company so that our employee will contact you and tell you what's what. In order to place an order, you only need to specify the size of the desired fence, and our employees will take care of everything.

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Why is our Company the best

To begin with, it should be noted that we work in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Gabriel County, San Bernardino County, Orange County and Ventura County, so you don't have to stress about the delivery of our goods. Not only does our company make the perfect products for your home, but we also take care of each and every one of our customers, so we provide every comfort from the start of the order to the delivery of the project to the customer. So do not hesitate and leave a request right now. By choosing our wooden fence, you will definitely be satisfied, we promise.